Film: 809

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Arty images from Burgundy Street - buildings, people, children, streets, with music from the New Orleans Jazz Club 1940's

The surface of the road fills the picture, then the camera tilts upwards to show Burgundy Street and possibly Iberville Street junction looking South West towards Canal Street and a high block of flats in the distance, signs hanging from brick-fronted buildings, 40's style black cars parked up one side, crates on the sidewalk and passers-by, a sign for a laundrette in the foreground. A black man in a hat and loose trousers and shirt crosses the road leisurely, carrying something upright in his palm. A close-up of the sign 'Burgundy St' on a boarded plank wall. Another street scene, a lamppost, cars and buildings with porches overhanging the street, casting the foreground into shadow. A wonky close up of the lamppost.

A balcony, seen from below, with a low wooden railing, casts shadow patterns over timbers of the house behind. The sunny side of a tiled roof from below. A pair of French windows with patterned panes and a window with a blind in a brick house, then the balcony of the house with metal-work rails and white curtains blowing from an open door. A much shabbier building , a row of wooden shutters , some slats missing, in peeling painted wooden walls. An (ice cream parlour??) on the corner with an overhanging roof and double swing glass doors, adverts outside. A wonky shot of a half smashed in sign above a blank window in a white building, other signs hang from flat-roofed buildings behind. The lamppost. A ruined building; plaster falling away from the bricks and daylight visible through the bars across a window seen through an empty doorway. A picture from the shoulders down of a black woman in a calf-length striped dress, sleeveless and buttoned down the front, sweeping the path outside a stone and wood building with a straw broom. Another woman passes her behind and a vehicle drives in front. A balcony on a brick building, a woman is leaning down over metal-work pattern railings which arch over to the top of the balcony.

A dark doorway, and the faces of two small girls. The one in front looks concentrated, watching something to the side, but the girl behind, slightly taller, looks at the camera, smiling nervously, her finger in her mouth. Another child peeps out of a small opening at the bottom of a wooden door. A little girl in a short white dress with a white bow in her hair, is sitting on a stone step leaning back against a shuttered door. Children play in the street outside a house with a wooden panelled door, and shuttered windows. One boy sits on a shelf outside the window, another wanders about, stopping to speak to him, while the little girl in white dances around by the curb, skipping up and down. Close up from above of the face of a little boy, and a longer shot from the side of his profile. He ignores the camera, standing still and looking at something to the side.

Reflections in a puddle in a rainy street of a man walking. Reflections of light and dark shapes, rain-drops shattering the forms. Another streetlamp, this one is broken; the glass on one side and the bulb are missing. A metalwork laced gate swings shut. A house - no. 527 is chalked next to the door - brick with steps up to the door and rails in front of the windows. Plants, some leaves stretching out into the light to cast shadows on the sunlit steps behind. A row of white houses with balconies, build together at odd angles. .

A shot of the 'Burgundy St' sign from further back, a cut-out circle on an arrow shape on a lamppost in front. A thick sign in capitals with fairground swirls under the lettering, half in shadow - probably says 'Route 70 Burgundy Street'. The one-way sign again. A 'St Philip St' sign on a lamppost in front of a balcony with shuttered windows, palm leaves and tree branches framing the picture. A row of balconies seen from below, a sheet hung out to dry, a flight of metal steps curling up between floors. The original street scene again looking towards Canal Street and a long black and white car with a symbol on the sign (doctor? Sheriff?) drives passed the end of the road.

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