Film: 8091

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Documentary about the Suez canal and its importance in naval trade.

A ship named Stratheden at dock along the river Thames. People going on board. People on the dock. Suitcases embarked and lifted on board. A close up of the ship. People on board watching down from a deck. The ship leaves the dock. The image of a galleon. A close up of its figurehead. A map on which the naval route from London to Bombay is shown. On the map the naval route through the Suez canal is shown. A close up of the map showing the Suez isthmus. an image of the sphinx. The image of a statue of a Pharaoh. A map showing the Nile delta. Egyptian paintings. The map showing the Nile delta. A map showing the naval route from Europe and India, passing the cape of Good Hope. A painting showing the portrait of Louis XIV of France. A painting showing Napoleon. A close up of Napoleon's face. A close up of Nelson's statue in Trafalgar Square, London. A map showing the Nile delta with the terrestrial (overland) route from Alexandria to Suez. A portrait of Ferdinand Lesseps. A depiction of excavation works being carried out. several details of the drawing. A photograph of the works. A display showing the works being carried out. A drawing of the opening ceremony. A galleon sailing. A modern ship. The ship that left England is arriving at Port Said. A tug. Views of Port Said. A view of the Suez Canal Authority Building. A view of the lighthouse Ships anchored in the harbour. A sailor boarding a small boat. A view of the coastline as seen from the boat. A close up of the sailor. A view of the ships as seen from the small boat. The sailor, who is a pilot, boards the ship. Ships going towards the canal. A map showing the naval route through the canal. A view of the sun rising. Views of ships in the canal. Ships in the canal as seen from the nearby railway. A view of the canal. Ships at anchor. People on the deck of a ship sunbathing and playing. A close up of a lifebuoy. People sunbathing. A tanker passes by. Other ships sailing through the canal. A map showing the Suez canal. A ship sailing through the canal. A view of the wheelhouse with a sailor at the helm. Two boys looking overboard from a deck. View of a signalling station. View of the wheelhouse. a view of the canal. Views of other ships. Works on the banks. A ship. A view of a ship building yard. A view of the Stratheden. A sailor at the helm. A small boat with three men on board is lowered down from a ship. A map showing the world. A view of the Stratheden sailing away.

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