Film: 8093

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Film starts with ornately decorated shire horses pulling wagon through Munich street with men in period costume, tunics, and hats. Long shot of Skylon type of structure with autobahn in foreground. High shot of Munich town centre, then aerial shot of modern high rise buildings. Upward shot of tower and clock from ground, then modern structures. High aerial shot of Olympic Stadium and surrounding village quarters.
Cut to inside stadium and opening ceremonies. Teams in blazers, trousers, and shirts, wave to the crowd as they walk by on the track. West German Chancellor Willy Brandt can be seen applauding from his seat in the stadium. Shot from back of stadium showing all the teams lined up on the field and track. Groups of dancing girls before West German President, Dr Gustav Heinemann declares the Games open. Cut to shot of formally attired teams in between his opening speech. Males on track dressed all in white hoist Olympic Flag on flagpole. Back to the track and Mexicans in traditional dress. Man in sombrero with lasso and couples dancing, women in brightly coloured dresses that billow out at the bottom. A Mexican band circle the dancing group playing their instruments. Group of Mexicans slowly walk, carrying an Olympic flag, which they present to some German officials. Crowd applaud as hundreds of birds are released into the air. Post Office Tower type building can be seen against the skyline. Runners in white singlets and shorts then appear on the track, with leading runner carrying the Olympic Torch. He runs over wooden flooring and up an open staircase to light the flame with his torch.
Switch to indoor swimming pool and American Mark Spitz in the men's butterfly race, winning one of his seven gold medals. He can be seen at one of the turns underwater. He wears stars and stripes trunks. His swimming action is highlighted in slow motion. Cut to Herr Brandt politely applauding as he stands. Spitz, in his navy blue USA tracksuit, is shown on the winners rostrum being presented with one of his gold medals. Next is Olga Korbut of USSR, gymnast, competing on the uneven bars. Her breathtaking routine is shown and finishes to raptuous applause from the crowd at the finish. Cut to the track for the men's 100 metres final. The race is shown in its entirety as the sprinter from Kiev, Valery Borzov, becomes the first European male athlete to beat the Americans at this distance in twelve years. Robert Taylor of the USA takes the siver medal and Lennox Miller of Jamaica, the bronze. The mobile cameramen are shown chasing him at the completion of the race and film him when he eventually stops. Switch to the Presidential Box, where a grinning, suntanned, Edward Heath can be seen in a blue suit, then Willy Brandt, then other foreign statesmen.
Back to the track for the men's Pole Vault event and Wolfgang Nordwig of East Germany is shown making a successful vault to beat the American, Bob Seagren. The vault is a new world record height. The neon scoreboard shows the positions in that competition. Nordwig is shown climbing to his feet, collecting his pole, and waving to the crowd. On the track, Finnish athlete Lasse Viren, is shown in action winning his 5,000 metres gold medal. Ian Stewart finishes third for Britain. Viren also won the 10,000 metre race. Finnish flags are waved in the crowd and on the track a spectator runs behind Viren carrying the flag of Finland. On to the women's high jump where Ulrike Meyfarth of West Germany, the 16 year old schoolgirl, is shown making a world record breaking jump of one metre ninety-two. The crowd applaud as she is congratulated by fellow athletes.
Outside the stadium tourists take photo's of the complex from the adjoining hillside and spectators are shown meandering through the complex. Spectators cross a bridge over the autobahn, then a close-up headshot of a black man in 1970s style peaked cap. A man carries a little girl on his shoulders as spectators are shown sitting on the grass. Children are shown on a large inflatable dinghy on the lake, then people on the lakeside moving past white objects. High shot from within building as the legs of a mechanical figure at the window moves from side to side over the thronging crowd below. As the camera pans up it can be seen that it is the Glockenspiel of the Town Hall, a popular meeting place for the crowd. Shot of mechanical jousting knights on horseback. Visitors from other countries perform folk dances in the square.
Switch to the river where the men's rowing event, the 'Eights', is in progress. The New Zealand team take the gold medal beating the USA and the East Germans. On to Augsburg, where there is the first artificial slalom canoe course. An East German competitor is shown coping with the treacherous current. Shot of crowd waving german flags. Aerial shot of Kiel, on the shores of the Baltic, where yachtsmen are shown competing for Olympic honours. West Germany's Federal President is shown spectating. More shots of yachts in the water and crews coping with weather conditions. High aerial shot of yachts in water.
Next is shot from ground of an airborne helicopter coming into land by buildings. Cut to shirtsleeved German policemen. Palestinian terrorists had murdered members of the Israeli team in their living quarters. Protestors are shown outside the buildings being held back by police. Outdoor shot of quarters as camera zooms in on the Israeli area. Tracksuited men are shown walking, armed with sub-machine guns. Police on the roof in black balaclava's are shown. Aerial shot of Olympic Stadium, camera zooms in on track area, where mourning crowd and athletes are told of a day's break in memory of the murdered athletes. Spectators shown looking solemn and Olympic Flag at half-mast. Official announces day of mourning over microphone.
Cut to the Individual Dressage Event where Liselott Linsenhoff is shown on her horse winning the gold medal for West Germany, the first woman to ever do so. Next are the marathon runners leaving the stadium. The 76 athletes are shown running through the streets of Munich. Back inside the stadium, Heide Rosendahl, of West Germany, is shown winning the women's long jump competition. The camera shows one of her jumps head-on in slow motion. She is then shown running the final leg in the women's 4x100 metre relay. A thrilling duel down the home straight with East Germany's Renate Stecher sees the West German victorious and a new world record set. The West German team are shown joyously hugging each other.
Back to the marathon where the American, Frank Shorter, is out on his own at the front. As he runs through the city centre he is applauded by spectators on the pavement. He is shown running into the stadium, around the track, and crossing the finishing line to win the gold medal. Horse Jumping is next and William Steincroft of the USA is shown successfully clearing the jumps on his horse. However, at the water jump he miscalculates and the horse puts its hind legs in the water. This costs his American team the gold medal in the Grand Prix Jumping Team Event, the winners being West Germany, shown on the neon scoreboard. The three teams are shown on the field being presented with their medals. Italy finishes third.
Closing ceremony on the track at night, then Olympic flame shown dying out. Spectators in crowd wave small lights as 'Montreal 1976' appears on the neon scoreboard. The Olmpic Flag is shown being taken down.

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