Film: 8097

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Libya, North Africa at the time of the King Idris
Islamic style glazed pottery turns, titles, a cobbler dressed Arab style presses out red slippers with embroidered decoration. He hands moulds them on a last. A montage of handicrafts from Libya, brass objects, a leather bag, pottery, Toureg costume, Bedouin boots, clothes and jewellery on a mannequin. A potter in his studio turns a pot on the wheel. Close up of foot turning the potter's wheel. An artist pints a watercolor. Another artist's gallery and studio with men at work. Painting a tile. Brass production. A man teaches the leather stitching. Young student watch craft production. A shoe in punched on a machine. Boys at the Islamic arts school in Libya. Picture of the King ion the wall. A Montage of shots of Tripoli including the Girl and Gazelle bronze statue. Low rise traditional houses. Empty site of new factory. Commentary talks of funding for new business and investor to Libya. Factory chimneys with palm trees. Subtitles regarding laws required to control growth. Port or harbour scene with ships. Cargo craned off a ship. Electricity python. Inside the electrical generator producing power for the factories. Shots of interiors and exteriors of power stations. Large half constructed hanger. A young man learns how to use a lathe. White man instructs a group of Arab boys at a machine. More shots of instructors. Woman sits a carpet loom and weaves. Carpets shown in detail. Men work lathes, lots of shots. Welding. Large machine "Wadkin". Sawing planks. In the classroom. Man does technical drawing.
Surveying. In the laboratory, men in white coats, they cut up lemons. They are making marmalade ! A cream separator again man in white coat. Hand churning butter in the lab. Testing with a centrifugal separator. In 1962 the college of advanced technology was opened, exterior shot. Lots of men in the lab. Women ( no veils) at the Bunsen burners. Telephony, a wired demonstration system. More science. Products of the machine shop. Furnaces. Welding and hammering. Man in goggles welds.
Orchard. Orange tree. Oranges in a conveyor. They are shredded for marmalade. Orange juice for a pipe. Orange skins into a shredder. Marmalade is potted into jars on a conveyor. Jars are sealed. Testing the marmalade in the lab. Machine driven olive crusher. Olive oil press. Olive oil cans filled. Tomato puree making and canning. White beans are canned. Tobacco leaves are processed. Men a red fez operate the machines. Cigarettes are produced. Cigarette packets come off the production line. Bean flour machines. Flour sieving machines. Biscuit factory. Two Toureg and their herd of camel. Sheep and goats. Oasis town.

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