Film: 8099

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Survivors in a lifeboat, wearing full if rather tatty dinner suits, discussing port. Advert. Oporto, Portugual. Cockburn's warehouse in quayside with fish. Barrels. 'The Factory House' dinner. Passing the port to the left. Grapes being harvested, terraces, vineyards, women harvest grapes loaded into truck which says 'Cockburns' on the side. Narrow gauge steam train, men taste grapes. Rowing boats on the River Douro, farmhouse, the winery, mechanical crushing, very modern factory, checking sugar levels, Brandy is mixed with port, maturing, wooden casts, barrels by truck to Oporto for blending, coopering, barrels made, ruby and tawney and white port, vintage port. In the laboratory, port is checked, port testers discuss the samples, lots of people drinking port.

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