Film: 8103

Food + Drink | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The production of non dairy magarine spreads.

Trafalgar Square. People and pigeons. City workers at Mansion House. 1960's office block. Freight train. Cows eat grass in a field of buttercups. Sheep eating grass. Man cuts pod from high palm tree. Bleaching and filtering vegetable oil for the right colour. Shots of glass tubes and flasks. Wheat field with combine harvester. Baker gets bread out of an oven. Spreadable fats. Oils must set at room temperature. Glycerol or glycerine. Chemical composition shown in graphics. Unsaturated fat. Experiments and tests on caking and solidifying agents added to oil. Emulsions under the microscope. Lactic acid enzymes. Margarine factory. Oils are purified, de-odourised. Hardening process on an industrial level. Blending margarine in a tank, adding colour and milk solids. Milk cultures, skimmed milk, added vitamin concentrate chill then homogenise, whipping for texture.

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