Film: 8104

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Heavy Industry and production line manufacture in Britain just after the war.
Scientists at work. Tom Bowling ship lamp. Lucas Factory. Scientists in the lab (lots of shots) analysis of raw materials, design, lots of women workers in the lab endurance testing, dynamo production.
Lots of women at mass production on factory floor. Tank gun turret equipment. Woman tests gun turret for aircraft, for Lancasters. Lancasters in flight seen from rear. King and Queen at Birmingham factory. Windscreen wiper makers, lots being tested. lamp production, conveyor for polishing, plating, (very interesting visually). fluorescent lighting, battery making, more women workers, Rolls Royce in refrigeration room, trucks in cold weather. Tropical room all for testing equipment in such conditions. Ignition systems.
Tractors, men work on engines, gas turbine engine development. lots of men at drawing design boards, pump design, the 'Apollo' and 'Viscount', 'Comet', 'Bristol Brabazon' the 'Camberra', 'DH Zenon', 'Gloster Meteor' aircraft. Cycling, lots of cyclists on the road.
Regent's street, London. Penny farthing, Bicycle lamps and bells. The cycle equipment factory. heavy press machines, bell assembly. Women at work on skilled production line. Cycle dynamos. Cycle lamps. Packing. boxing. Lucas factories. Industry in Britain.

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