Film: 8105

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Judo. Judoka appearing:
Keith Cannaby - 2nd Dan
Les Hudspith - 3rd Dan
Tony McConnell - 3rd Dan
Dave Starbrook - 4th Dan
Filmed at the Renshuden Judo Academy, London.

Film starts with several slow motion sequences concentrating on the techniques of Judo throwing. Early techniques to ensure safety are shown. These include rolling around on the floor to gain confidence on it. Black belt demonstrates several moves designed to maximize safety on the hard mats. He jumps up and on the recoil bends down and rolls over. He makes the same move backwards. Lifting throw - Ogashi is shown. The opponent is lifted off the ground by the straightening action of the driving leg. Next is a rolling throw the Taiotoshi where the driving or pivot leg changes its job and is use to drive the opponent sideways. Two Black belts practice the arm break fall. The object of Judo is not to be thown at all. These throws can be avoided by blocking the aggressors moves and by jumping over any physical traps he sets up.
The key points of any Judo throw are the pivot, the block, the break fall and the avoidance. These should all be part of a continous pattern of movement. The total action involves moving into and out of a series of ground play moves including locks, strangles and immobilizations. The object of the immobilization Kazure - Yokoshiho - Gatame is to hold the opponent on his back from the side and to fix his head and shoulders to the ground, one hand controlling the head and shoulders the other the legs. This move is demonstrated several times. In the Ouchigake throw the weight of the body is utilised to full advantage by using one leg as a powerful driving force and the other as a block over which your partner is driven. Two larger and heavier men one of whom is Dave Starbrook demonstrate throw and immobilization combinations. This is not just a physical sport. Judo requires split second decisions and confident anticipation.
Informative introductory film with good clear exposition of the basic movements in Judo.

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