Film: 8109

Media | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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James Cagney in restaurant shoot out and Bogart listens on radio. Empty studio. Breaking up barrels. Smashing glass bottles for prohibition. 1920s dancing, opening champagne, cocktail waiters in a line shake cocktails. Shots of real gangsters caught by police, hand cuffed. Al Capone. At the races, getting in and out of cars. His house in Florida. Dead man in street. Gangster funeral. John Dillinger, in jail. Studio lot in production of gangster movies. Cameras set up. Cinemas at night, queues buying tickets, stars and who they represent. Dillinger is a character as portrayed by Bogart, Capone is Edward G. Robinson, etc. Director, cameraman group around for shooting prisoner chain gang sequence, rock breaking, various clips of gangster movies of gangsters saying why, getting out of the slums. Gangsters and their molls. Cagney pushes grapefruit in girl's face. Women and men slapping each others faces. Men kick women, out of room. Bite and kick. Gambling, card games, lots of Edward G. Robinson. Lots of cigar crushing and men fighting. Gun fighting, machine guns, fast cars, into shop windows, along roads, gun battle with police, gangster in court, prison. The good Guys, priest, journalist, etc. Cagney goes fighting to the electric chair. Two Gun Crowley captured with girlfriend and other. Dead Dillinger, label around toe. Capone dies of VD in prison. Yankee Doodle Dandy.

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