Film: 8113

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The recognition by the countries of South East Asia that they must stop simply exporting raw materials and buying back manufactured goods. The balance of payments deficit means they must attempt greater self sufficiency.

In a film studio a Thai or Burmese music and dance group perform under the opening titles. Woman gets of litter. Hong Kong port. Various unidentified ports and large trading ships. Small boat loaded with cattle. Fabulous great shot of Dock workers carry sacks on their backs along dockside on a Jetty made of very ricketty wood, looking like ants. Dockers stepping off gangplank and onto ship. Long line of porters who one by one tip the sacks into the hold. Dance troup. Woman covers her face with a fan. Men bang long bamboo poles together. Superb film of dance as man and woman dance to steadily rising beat and step in and out of the bamboo poles. Close up of woman winnowing. Man wields huge axe and chops trees. Fisherman casts net. Man and woman thresh rice by beating it on a bench. Farming in fields. Woman uses fork to hoe ground. Wood block printing. Symbollic dance. Man loads bananas onto sled which is attached to cow. Man loading agricultural goods into canoe. Placing coconuts on bicycle. Cow walks off pulling sled behind it. Paddling canoe. Women walk through village with baskets of produce balanced on their heads. Market. Various traders selling fish, bananas and crops. Buyer and vendor haggle over price. Buyer gives seller money and tries to walk off. They dispute the cost. Close up of British colonial money changing hands. (Queen's head on the notes). Possible chinese woman walking through market. Tracking shot through market. Great variety of goods for sale - baskets, buckets, pots, saucepans, thread, food. Man buys a metal bowl. Department store. Close up of woman's hand punching figures into a cash register. Cash till opens. The checkout in the shop.

Quarry. Mechanical digger scoops iron ore into lorry. Tin loaded onto conveyor belt in either Malaya or Indonesia. Oil well in Sumatra, Kalimanta or Brunei. Forest in Sarak, man cuts down huge tree with an axe. Rubber plantation. Cutting into bark on rubber tree. Rubber dripping into cup. Copra from the Philippines. Men and women sort husks.

Line of women harvesting rice in either Thailand, Cambodia, or South Vietnam. Man harvests sugar cane in Luzon or Negros in the Philippines. Men travel on front of engine of a sugar can train.

Rag trade workshop in Hong Kong. Large room with lots of women using sewing machines. Close up of woman using sewing machine. Sports shirt folded and placed in plastic shirt bag. Bangkok, Thailand. Woman holds sports shirt up to chest of her customer in a market. She smiles. Tracking shot through sewing workshop. Loading sacks with rice in Bangkok. Loading boat in Thai harbour with sacks of rice. Ship cranes sacks from barge into its hold. Crates of pigs loaded into hold. Thai child runs about without any trousers on. Cow is lifted out of hold with rope tied round its middle. It hits its mouth on the ship's railings. Cruelty to animals. When cow lands it loses its footing and collapses. Workers travel on front of railway train which transports huge tree trunks through a forest.
Tin ingots stamped 'Malay' on quayside next to ship. Loading goods onto ship with western officer looking on. International trade. Loading tin ingots. The bows of the cargo ship from low down on the waterline. Cargo ship pitching and rolling at sea. Tracking shot from railway past industrial scene in the west. Rolling molten steel. Lots of indeterminate industrial processes. Cutting molten metal. Making rail tracks. Thin sheets of steel. Roll of sheet steel. Components. A slide projector in manufacture. British factory worker examining bicycle upside down on a stand. Men climb steps to shell of Boeing (?) airliner under construction. Back in South East Asia the unloading of a railway carriage takes place. Docker motions for it to be lowered. Craning a caterpillar-tracked vehicle off the ship. Building new roads through virgin forest with several earth movers in shot.
Neon lights at night in a city in South Eat Asia. Building a dam for the creation of hydro electric power (hep). Fork lift truck on quayside approaches a large wooden crate.

Lorry leaves port of Manila in the Philippines. It is loaded with sacks. Cardboard boxes of Philips light bulbs lifted out of hold of ship.
Large cotton mill with people rushing about. Large number of large bobbins. Loom. Making cloth.
Philippino woman punches figures into counting machine. Close up of man's hand operating abacus. Office of clerks.
United Nations meeting about economic growth of the countries of south East Asia. The need for countries to start making their own good. At the moment they export raw materials to the west and Japan and buy back the newly manufactured goods. Delegates from Cambodia and Burma, Vietnam, U.S.A., U.K., U.S.S.R. and Thailand, Singapore, Philippines. Woman sits at machine producing plastic items. Loom weaving in close up. Woman operating loom. Room full of women spinning cotton and quite large bamboo spinning wheels - very good shot. Woman wears hair net as she works in chemical industry (?) Making a car - men pull car about on overhead ropes. Cigarette production. Woman stacks tray of boxes of cigarettes. Mixing tobacco in machine. Oil refinery. White man talks to two Asian men about plan of oil refinery. Sign says 'New Factory for Colgate Palmolive (Far East) Ltd'. Factory under construction. Tractors being driven out of factory. Qantas airliner slowing down on runway. People walk down aircraft steps from a Pan-Am airliner, and from a BOAC airliner with a Malayan Airways walkway in front. People leaving ship on gangplank. Tourists arriving by plane and ship. Tourists seeing sights. Four press photographers fire flash-gun camera straight at camera. Dance troup climbing steps to aircraft and waving goodbye. An Air Royal Mail aircraft. All female eight piece dance troup dance on a stage barefoot. Soviet ship in port. Five forklift trucks pass by ship. Loading and unloading ships.

Construction site of a sports stadium. New flats. University (?) with students. Family of mother in traditional long flowing dress, father and little girl walk on pavement, all holding hands. They enter a shop and examine a sewing machine with the help of the female shop assistant.
Child switches radio on as he and his grandfather and sister sit on edge of well. Boy pulls bucket of water out of well. Men open and close door of empty fridge which sits in dust. Watched by crowd of onlookers they pick fridge up and carry it towards home. Man carries engine to his canoe. Boy bicycles through palm trees as he is followed by four boys on foot. Women wearing hats cycle down road. Dance troupe.

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