Film: 8115

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Humourous training film for Bird's Eye salesmen in which a narrator lectures and admonishes a typical salesman, Joe, as we follow him from waking in the morning through his average working day. Suggests that the ideal salesman needs to be a businessman, planner, showman and explorer (a neighbour is seen to be envious of his freedom and authority) and the best ways to practice these skills are demonstrated as he drives round in a Morris 1000 chasing up the various accounts in his district (in and around the Edgware Road, London it appears). He is seen establishing the right image and rapport with traders (one of whom is 'Dr Who', Patrick Troughton in early appearance) and sorting out display problems and gimmicks for Bird's Eye products in small corner shops through to large lucrative supermarkets, where he is encouraged to put in the most effort, (monthly turnover figures from different classes of accounts i.e. Gold Star etc. are produced to support this). Also seen establishing new outlets, co-operating with fridge cabinet distributors and even performing the Bird's Eye 'pod popping' jingle with young children.

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