Film: 8116

Politics | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A History of the Russian Revolution 1914 to 1954

A drawn map of Europe. The camera pans over to the USSR. Narrator, Erskine Childers, gives introduction. Shots of Red Square in winter. Churches and architecture in Red Square. Shots of the Pacific coastline. Fishermen pull nets full of fish out of the sea. Shots of the Arctic circle. A sledge manned by an Eskimo is pulled by huskies. A Lapp family sits outside its camp. A woman looks through a pair of binoculars and passes them to the person on her left. Reindeer graze I the snow. A convoy of camels and their riders pass over section of the desert. Camera pans over section of the desert. An aeroplane flies through snow-topped mountains. Shot of flat Russian landscape taken from the window of a train. From a boat, the camera pans over a river. Shots of a pine forest taken from an aeroplane. A tree is felled and topples to the forest floor. Logs roll into the water. A shot of a tractor moving out of a swamp. A convoy of lorries carrying damming or irrigation equipment drives along a road across a plain. Close up of the Kremlin. Close up of Kosygin on left of screen and Brezhnev on the right. Close-up of Khruschev, close up of a portrait of Stalin. Narrator speaks, sitting behind a desk with a portrait of Stalin to his right.
A map of central Europe is shown labelled The First World War. Battle scenes from World War One: German cavalry is shelled, a heavy artillery piece fires and a ground explosion follows. Russian cavalry pulling artillery rushes down an embankment. Dead and wounded soldiers lie on the ground. Soldiers sit down and rest. One looks towards the camera. It is snowing. Russian soldiers sit in heavy snow. One lights a cigarette. A royal procession makes its way past the camera. The Tsar and Tsarina lead. A caption "Tsar" appears on screen. The procession is shown from a different view. Crowds can be seen in the background. A shot of Russian peasants. Two elderly Russian peasants facing the camera smoke. Caption: "Peasants". A peasant village is shown. A small child walks across the screen. Close up of a peasant baby in a rocker with a puppy. Peasants walk along an unmade road in typical Russian peasant dress. One is carrying wood on her back. Shots of peasant houses in bad state of repair. Two male peasants sow seeds. The younger one leads a horse and plough. Shots of miners working with picks in a mine. A worker on all fours pulls a cart laden with rocks (?) Workers operate a mixing (?) device. Close-up of a middle-aged worker’s face. (probably historical re-enactment). Rioting in St Petersburg (again, probably historical re-enactment ) Soldiers march with rioters. Mounted rioters make their way through a crowd holding up banners. Mounted cavalry (revolutionary) rush through a village. Historical re-enactment (propaganda) of rioters pulling down a statue of the Tsar on his throne. Representatives of new government ( Provisional government ) stand amongst crowds and are cheered. Soldiers march. Soldiers and supplies moving on to trains. Lenin speaks to a crowd. Caption "Lenin". Crowds carrying revolutionary banners. Caption "Bolsheviks". Historical re-enactment [ Soviet Propaganda, probably from October ] of revolutionaries storming Winter Palace. Caption "October 1917". Lenin talks to comrades. Volunteers for Red Army train. Shots of civil war - troops firing machine guns. Mounted Allied troops ride down a road. Armed Allied troops march down a road. Cavalry ride across a plain. Caption "1920". Bolshevik troops hold rifles up and cheer. Close up of Lenin followed by portrait of Lenin. Portrait of Karl Marx. Illustration of industrialised British town in nineteenth century. Illustrations of poor people living in squalor. Illustration of destitute children in street. Illustration of richer, middle class citizens. Portrait of Marx. Portrait of Lenin. Photographic portrait of Russian industrialist. Portrait of Russian Orthodox Church leader. Shot of St Basil’s Cathedral. Photograph of smiling workers. A pencil indicates republics of the Soviet Union on a map. Caption "USSR". Portrait of Lenin. Photographic portrait of Stalin. Stalin and officials watch a parade in Red Square. Stalin waves. Soviet troops march. Tanks drive through Red Square. Shot of formations of Soviet aircraft. Russian paratroops climb out onto plane and parachute off. Shots of Soviet factories - inside and outside shots of workers at work in factories. Aerial shot of a dam. Students are lectured in a lecture theatre. Soviet peasants at work in a field. Peasants work on collective or state farms. Shots of impoverished peasants. Graph shows growth of industry. Steel, coal, oil. Stalin speaks before a clapping crowd. Stalin holds a young child aloft and holds flowers in his hand. Portrait of an older-looking Stalin. Stalin overlooks party members clapping. Party officials hug and shake hands with Stalin. Caption "The Purges". Stalin speaks. Portrait of Stalin. Narrator explains the purges. Shot of Nuremberg Rally. Hitler salutes. Hitler talks to ministers. Caption "1939". Shots of newspaper hoardings and cover of New York Record "Russo-German Pact signed" Shots of flying Nazi aircraft. Paratroopers parachute out. German armoured vehicles drive into Russian village which is in flames. German troops move through village. Stalin in uniform speaks. Shot of Russian troops standing to attention. Factories in flames and crops burning. Map showing Germany and Russia. Berlin, Moscow and Stalingrad shown. German tanks and troops move through Russian plains. Rockets fired from Army trucks. Convoy of tanks moves across plain. Caption "Stalingrad". Fighting in streets of Stalingrad. German troops surrender. Red Army troops and tanks advance. Russian troops put Russian flag on Reichstag. Map of eastern Europe showing Soviet advance into Germany. Shot of devastated Russian town. Portrait of Verbricht the East German Communist leader, Dimitrov of Bulgaria, Rakosi of Hungary, Stalin. Shots of secret police and armies. Shot of border outpost with barbed wire and observation tower. Caption "Iron Curtain". Pointer shows Russian areas of domination on map of Eastern Europe. Close up of Berlin in Eastern Germany on map. Narrator explains Berlin blockade and airlift. Still of an Allied aircraft coming in to land. Photograph of Russian peasants , devastated Russian town, scenes of desolation in country. Close up of narrator. Stalin overlooks a parade in Red Square and salutes. Aircraft fly overhead. Caption "1953". Stalin lying in state. Narrator sits at desk with portrait of Stalin. Credits (cut short).

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