Film: 812

Music | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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1. "Comrades" sung on stage by soldier, set looks like British Army camp in Afghanastan or Kyber Pass.

2. Comedian John Rouke impersonating Gus Elen. He sings a song 'I like half a pint of ale', set looks like a working class kitchen.

3. "After the Ball" sung by man an woman in Edwardian dress in a theatre or old style Gentlemans Club.

4. "Keep the Home Fires Burning" sung by Tessa Deane (warbling soprano voice), she wears long white gloves and a sprakly evening dress. The audience looks bored and in the background an usherette even flicks through a magazine!

Pre world war one Music Hall songs although the performances are the 1930's

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