Film: 8123

Food + Drink | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Information film produced by the Coffee Publicity Association. Begins with shots of seed cultivation, drying beans in sun etc. in Brazil, South America.

Moves to London. "Nowadays coffee is becoming more and more popular in England" says narrator, and shows beans being unloaded at Hays Wharf, tested by expert coffee tasters, and then auctioned at Mincing Lane. Then follows path of raw beans through modern factory, showing grounding process etc. Shots of expresso machine at work in cafe. "In England the coffee house has been revived largely through Expresso coffee" says commentary. Narrator admonishes glamorous housewife over right and wrong ways to store coffee in the kitchen. Home filtering methods demonstrated (with oblique shots of '50s interior decor etc) along with advantages of instant coffee, for producing "the cup of infinite pleasure".

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