Film: 8124

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | Colour


North Wales. Promotional film for Prestatyn Holiday Camp, seemingly aimed at the more middle class holiday maker (posh voiceover etc.) 1950's

Thomas Cook Promotional Opens with shots of couple pouring over holiday brochures and visiting travel agents. They can't make their minds up and he thoughtfully rests his head on his hands, as he rests his elbows on a table. Man outside travel agents. Form filling in a travel agents. Train moving through Prestatyn railway station as holiday makers walk along platform, restaurant car passes. Couple are welcomed onto single decker bus by girl. He carries two suitcases.
On arrival at camp they marvel at the pristine white modernist buildings ( created by the London Midland and Scottish Railway co in 1939) - "so continental". Reception are at camp where wife encourages husband (who looks as if he might not enjoy his holiday) to take booking forms from his jacket pocket. She wears a headscarf. Couple walk to their chalet, still in their formal travel clothes. The door is brown their luggage is brown and inside the curtains are brown. Chalet has a built-in wardrobe (ooooo), and a chest of drawers which she inspects. Is he going to? - Yes he does - he bounces up and down on the mattress of one of the twin beds to check how comfy it is. Man has a shower. General shots of camp, girl sitting on edge of fountain, chalets, bars being greeted by Blue Coats, dining hall with "no queuing " etc. Introduces blue coats: "and what good fellas they were … they didn't mind in the least if you didn't join in." Ballroom with ballroom dancing. Morning drinks trolley pauses outside chalet for man in his brown shirt, and who is smoking, to take to cups of tea. Breakfast at long trestle tables. Man with cravat assists wife to sit. Table has half grapefruits with glace cherries on top on it. Shots of games around the pool (fairly discrete). Beauty contest with women in summer dresses filing past. Man covered in foam and pushed into the pool for entertainment. Deck games on boards. The fake 'clipper' anchored to the land, the ladies playing football ("I must admit they played it jolly well!"). Variety night, with stilt walkers, song and dance acts and men dressed as sailors. Good shot of audience applauding. 1950's variety act type entertainment.
Women play tug of war. Woman wearing normal day clothes on a tennis court runs around to play a forehand and misses. Cricketers in their whites. Close up of bowls. A netball hoop is scored. Teenagers and young children play in pool.
Four people playing cards. A picnic hamper sits on road next to car rear wheel - close up. A drive through Snowdonia. Man asleep in deckchair with book on his lap. Rambling over nearby hills, the walkers wave to camera from a long way off, picnic trip to Snowdon, people in open topped car wave offscreen. Horse riding on beach. Young men take part in outdoor horse vaulting. Children slide down water slide into pool and nearly crash into swimmer. Not quite a crèche facility at the camp, but a baby sitting service with nurse in white uniform patrolling the chalets as couple go out for the evening. Final evening is carnival night in fancy dress. Dancing. Prize for best fancy dress. People dressed up file past a stage including two who have blacked up.

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