Film: 8125

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Residential Blackpool, Lancashire. Tree-lined streets. Buildings of significance: college, art gallery. Stanley Park. Nurse walking with baby in pram. Two old men chatting, couple strolling. Woman sleeping on park bench. Bowling green. Tennis match. Golfing. Rowing. Holiday-makers on north shore promenade. Piers. Deck-chair fans. Glamorous girls. Steamer. Orchestral concert. Ballroom dancing, ballroom dance. Punch and Judy. Children building sandcastles. Girls frolicking at water front, paddling, playing leapfrog. Sand hills. Beach cricket. Donkey-riding, swimming pool, synchronized swimming, diving. Blackpool Tower. Organist (presumably Reginald Dixon) playing for 15 seconds. Ballet dancing performance in the Tower Ballroom. Circus. Winter Gardens. Pub drinkers. Refreshments at the Alpine Bar. Amusement rides. Ice-skaters. Fortune-teller. Giant slide. Extensive roller-coaster sequence.

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