Film: 8133

Farming + Rural Life | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Farming in Scotland

Landscape study: Presenter talks to camera from in front of map of Britain.
Scotland. Cairngorm Mountains. Land Rover. Mountain roads. Snow on mountains. Scree slopes. Walkers. Cairn Gorm. School party with rucksacks sit on hill-top. Mountain streams. Grouse moor; gamekeeper with deerstalker, gun and dogs. Heather moor. Red deer, gamekeeper views through telescope. Man shoots gun, kills fox. Caledonian pines. Forestry Commission forest. Men using axes. Cross saw, trees felled. Highland cattle. Farmers with dog. Derelict housing. Travelling Co-Op shop. Tractor pulling disk earth-breaker. Turning rough ground into fields, removing rocks. Peat-cutting by hand (two men). Hill sheep, black faces. Dogs. Shepherd. Penning sheep. Shearing by hand. Rolling up the fleece. Ploughing with horse. Man hoeing in fields. Electricity via hydro-electric power. Dam. Pylons. Erecting pylons. Tourists arrive at hotel by coach. Man casting fishing line, playing line. Woman shooting gun, handed second gun by gillie. Dog carrying grouse in mouth. Deerstalking. Horse carrying shot deer down mountain. Pony-trekking. Skiing.

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