Film: 8135

Art + Architecture | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Henry Moore's sculpture for the UNESCO building in Paris. Close up shots of the sculpture, which is a human figure sculpted from limestone. It has an organic quality; the stone has natural form and rhythm in its curves. It is unclear whether the figure is male or female: a possible reflection on the international and universal importance of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. Interaction between mass and emptiness, between solid stone and holes in the stone. Footage of the sculptor at work on a maquette. Trial models in bronze. Figures with and without backgrounds. However, the actual sculpture is carved from Italian travertine stone, the stone used to face the building of the UNESCO centre. Therefore the figure reflects and adds to the architecture behind it.
Artist choosing the limestone he will use for the sculpture from large stacked blocks. Carrara marble mountains. Marble quarry, pulley machines, workmen hammering at stone, using the pulleys and signalling to eachother. Artist chiselling the sculpture. Moore using hammer and chisel. Wears a flat cap and sunglasses in the bright Italian sun. Sculpture seen agains the Eiffel Tower. Camera work makes the sculpture look like the work of nature: mountains, deserts, caves. Abstract, landscape quality against the man made, severe architecture behind it.

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