Film: 8138

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Excerpts of the film "The Fabulous Joe" where a husband's life is turned upside-down when he acquires a talking dog. Nice scenes of a "talking" dog and dog tricks, as well as 1940s clothing.

00:00:04 Opening credits.

00:00:05 Henry Cadwallader, (an aged lawyer wearing a suit and tie) enters an office through a door opened by a female secretary and storms across the scene to the left carrying his hat and briefcase, he puts his hat down on a wooden desk and shakes the hand of Milo Terkel, a businessman in suit and tie and a thin moustache standing behind the desk, Milo sits down while Henry takes papers out of his briefcase and informs Milo of the death of their partner McMasters. Close up of Henry talking towards Milo, with Milo out of the scene. Close up of Milo leaning forward and repeating Henry's comment. Close up of Henry pointing and holding a letter (the last will and testament of McMasters). Milo sits at his desk and talks to Henry (who stands out of the scene). Close view of Henry talking to Milo, and laughing. Shot of Milo looking displeased. Henry laughing and clearing his throat and reading from the will he holds in his hands. Shot of Milo looking displeased and lifting his hands up in despair. Henry reads from the will holding it in his left hand and his glasses in his right hand. Shot of Milo talking at his desk. Henry nods and says "yes". Shot of Milo with a questioning look. Shot of Henry looking sheepish. Milo sits at his desk and gestures to Henry, Henry puts the will down on the table and exits the scene to the right. Close up of Milo sitting behind his desk. Henry re-enters the office walking in a medium-sized fluffy white dog on a leash.

00:01:14 Milo sits with his back to the camera at a soda fountain or bar, a male bartender serves him a drink. Milo looks surprised, the bartender pushes the drink towards Milo, Milo hesitantly picks up the drink and reluctantly drinks it, comments "that's delicious!" A couple sit at a table, a gorgeous blonde, Gorgeous Gilmore, with curled hair and a black and white dress sits at left while a man, called Louie, in a suit and tie with slicked hair smokes a long cigarette and drinks on the right, Gorgeous Gilmore exits the booth and scene to the left. Milo sits at the soda fountain, Gorgeous Gilmore walks up to him from behind and starts chatting Milo. Louie looks disgruntled towards the camera, puts down his cigarette, and stands up. Gorgeous Gilmore and Milo chat while in the background Louie walks towards them, approaches her and tells Gorgeous Gilmore to leave Milo alone, she turns and exits the scene to the left, Louie glares at Milo and turns and walks back towards his booth. Milo gestures towards the bartender. The bartender stands behind the bar talking and laughing (humorous dialogue: Milo asks, "Are you married?" the bartender laughs (as if this question is ridiculous and that he is not married) but then replies "yes, I am" with a concerned look on his face). View of Milo sitting at the bar, smiling and drinking a frothy drink. The bartender pours another drink for Milo, using two large bottles of alcohol. Close up of Milo enjoying his drink, he picks up a necklace as Gorgeous Gilmore passes behind him, turns and approaches Milo and asks to try on the necklace. Close up of Louie shaking his head "no".

00:02:37 Milo helps Gorgeous Gilmore put on the diamond necklace while Louie approaches from behind, then pulls Gorgeous Gilmore away from Milo, talks angrily to Milo, and walks Gorgeous away from Milo towards the booth in the background holding her by the elbow and shouting at her. Milo approaches Louie in the booth, taps him on the shoulder, and says "You're no gentleman". Shot of Louie saying "No?". Milo shouting at Louie (off screen). Louie talking back to Milo (off screen). Louie starts to stand up. Louie punches Milo who falls to the floor. Close up of Milo lying in pain on the floor, the little white dog McMasters walks up to Milo and starts licking his face and mouth while he lies on the floor. The bartender tells Louie to "Cool it, I'll take care of it". Milo and the dog on the floor, the bartender leans down and helps Milo get up. The bartender and Milo stumble towards the camera, walking away from the booth and the dog, Milo clutches his mouth in pain, the bartender warns Milo to "never interfere between a guy and his dame" and sits Milo down in another booth and exits the scene, Milo sits in the booth massaging his jaw and the dog jumps into the booth and sits next to Milo, the bartender reappears and brings Milo his drink. Close up of the little white dog with its ears perked. Milo sips his drink and puts his glass down on the table and begins talking to the dog, lamenting about his wife. Close up of the little white dog with its ears perked. Close up of Milo holding his drink. Close up of the little white dog who starts talking. Milo continues lamenting, unaware that the dog spoke. Close up of the little white dog talking. Close up of Milo who continues lamenting, unaware that the dog spoke, he pauses and surprise registers on his face and he looks back at the dog. Close up of the little white dog. Close up of Milo looking surprised, then relaxed, commenting, "That's funny, I could have sworn that someone answered me." Close up of the little white dog talking. Milo looks at the dog, then registers surprise and talks to the dog. Close up of the little white dog talking. Milo takes a desperate sip from his drink and points at the dog and starts conversing with the dog. Close up of the little white dog talking. Milo continues talking with the dog then becomes shocked and stunned, realising he is talking with the dog and that the dog is talking back to him, shocked he moves to get up from the booth. Milo exits the booth, moving in front of the dog. Milo approaches the bar and motions to the bartender (out of the scene) to come towards him, Milo and the bartender talk (the bartender reassures Milo) who then turns back to the booth. The white dog sits in the booth and Milo sits down in the booth. Close up of the white dog. Close up of Milo holding his drink and talking with the dog (he accuses the dog of being drunk). Close up of the white dog (the dog denies being drunk). Close up of Milo holding his drink and talking with the dog. Milo talks with the dog facing the camera, the dog's ears and back of its head are visible in the shot. Close up of Milo shaking his finger at the dog and talking to him. Close up of the white dog talking. Milo looks pleased as he smiles and rubs his hands together. Several shots which cut back and forth between the dog talking to Milo and Milo talking to the dog, the dog encourages Milo to act more like Humphry Bogart, Milo puts on his hat and does a Humphrey Bogart impression, the dog and Milo exit the booth. Milo walks towards the camera. Milo walks the white dog on a leash outside to a park bench, the dog jumps up onto the bench and they sit on the bench. Close up of the white dog who faces Milo. Close up of Milo sitting on the park bench wearing a hat and facing the dog (who sits out of the scene). The small white dog's ears perk up. Gorgeous Gilmore enters scene, walking down a path in the park towards the camera. Milo turns and looks over his right shoulder. Gorgeous Gilmore walks towards the camera. Milo panics and makes a poor attempt to hide his face on the park bench, the small dog jumps off the bench causing Gorgeous Gilmore to become entangled on its leash. Close up of the dog running around her legs entangling her in the leash. Milo attempts to untangle the leash by moving around Gorgeous Gilmore's legs resulting in the pair embracing as Gorgeous shrieks. Gorgeous stands at left facing Milo at right of the scene, they begin chatting as Gorgeous recognises Milo. The small white dog sits on its hind legs with its front legs up in the air. Milo and Gorgeous sit down on the park bench, they talk about her boyfriend Louie and she wraps her arm around Milo's, Milo pushes her hands off of his, undeterred, Gorgeous wraps her arms around Milo's again and continues talking, Milo gets angry with Gorgeous and moves her hands off his again and tells her to leave him alone. Gorgeous gets angry and stands up, leaving Milo alone on the park bench. Close view of the small white dog who talks to Milo. Close view of Milo looking at the dog while seated on the park bench. The dog runs out of the scene. Milo looks shocked and moves to stand up. Gorgeous walks in the park from left to right of the scene, the small white dog runs behind her and leaps at her back, causing her to scream and fall forward into a pond. Milo runs to the pond and clasps his hands together in despair. Gorgeous standing chest deep in the water, shouting at Milo (who stands out of the scene). Milo helps the soaked Gorgeous get out of the water who is kicking and screaming at Milo. Close up of Milo shaking Gorgeous at her shoulders. The small white dog peers from behind a green bush. Milo stands at left facing the soaked and distraught Gorgeous who stands at right, they argue and Gorgeous cries, Milo suggests he goes back to his house to get her a new dress while Gorgeous hides in a bush but Gorgeous refuses and insists that she go to his house with him to get a new dress. The small white dog sits in centre of the frame looking to the left, and exits the scene to the left following the coupe (off screen).

00:09:30 Milo, Gorgeous, and the dog enter through a door in the centre of the room into the house, Milo directs Gorgeous to stay put while he finds her a dress, Gorgeous runs next to Milo and insists that he hurries as she will catch a cold (she then sneezes), they rush out of the scene to the left. Milo leads Gorgeous to a door facing away from camera and she enters (to go take off her wet clothes however her clothes appear to be dry and her hair and makeup is freshly done), Milo rushes out of the scene to left leaving the door slightly ajar. The small white dog enters the room, crossing from left to right of the scene. Gorgeous (out of the scene) throws her clothes onto a chair while the small white dog watches and stands in the background, the dog then takes one of the garments in its mouth and walks it to a window, jumps up to the open window, and drops the garment out of the window, turns back and fetches a second garment, then drops this garment out of the window too (impressive dog trick!). Milo stands at left and hits a clothes trunk which appears jammed and unable to open, he searches in a drawer for an object then exits the room through a door. Milo enters scene through a door, and shuts it behind him. Milo runs to partially opened door facing away from camera and knocks on the door, stating that he is unable to find her a dress then turns and walks towards the camera and away from the door. Close up of the small white dog. Milo pacing back and forth in the centre of the room, Gorgeous enters through the door wearing only a towel. Close up of the dog doing a double-take look towards Gorgeous (out of scene). Close up of Gorgeous with her hair pinned up and wearing only a towel. Milo facing the camera shouts and points angrily at Gorgeous. The white dog looks towards Milo (standing out of the scene). Gorgeous approaches Milo. Close up of Gorgeous shouting at Milo and facing the camera. Milo facing the camera talking to Gorgeous, Milo looks quickly down to the dog at his left (out of the scene). The white dog looks up to the right to Milo (out of the scene). Milo shakes his head and wrings his hands in despair while talking to the angry Gorgeous. Several shots alternating between shots of Gorgeous and Milo arguing with each other, they come to the conclusion that Gorgeous must spend the night in Milo's wife's old room since Gorgeous has no clothes to wear. Milo and Gorgeous turn away from the camera and Milo points Gorgeous towards the door to his wife's room (out of the scene), Milo then enters the door to his room behind him and slams the door shut leaving Gorgeous who then exits the scene to the left. Close up of the white dog lying on the floor looking over its right shoulder then towards the camera with its ears perked, camera fades to black.

00:11:59 A busy street with a ladies clothing shop and pedestrians crossing in front of the shop, Milo exits the shop holding packages in each hand and walks to the right. Gorgeous stands in a room in Milo's house wearing a patterned bathrobe and makes a telephone call, smiling and giggling. Close up of Louie on the telephone. Gorgeous on the phone getting angry, standing with one hand on her hip and the other holding the telephone to her ear, she talks to Louie (out of the scene) and her emotions range from happy to mad to shocked as she finally slams down the telephone. A man, Cornelius Belmont, II, rushes into a room from right to left towards two women, one with blonde hair, named Mrs. Belmont, and one with brunette hair named Emily Terkel (Milo's wife), both wearing white dresses or robes, (Cornelius informs Mrs. Belmont and Emily that Milo has been spotted outside the shop with boxes), the threesome stand in the centre of the frame (with Emily in the middle) and discuss Milo. In Milo's living room, Gorgeous stands at the left holding up a black dress, Milo stacks additional boxes on top of each other in her hands and she exits the scene to the left carrying them out of the scene, the camera zooms towards Milo who looks down towards the camera and scolds the dog (out of the scene). Close up of the small white dog who talks to Milo. Milo who looks down towards the camera and scolds the dog (out of the scene) standing in front of a bookshelf, he then walks to the left towards a desk and answers the telephone on the desk, exclaiming "Emily!". Emily sits on a sofa facing the camera talking on the phone.

00:13:38 Scene abruptly jumps to end credits.

00:13:43 End of film.

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