Film: 8139

Natural History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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New Zealand veterinary surgeon working with animals and pets.
Training, schools and colleges. Sydney University in Australia. The use of the X-ray machine in the treatment of a horse in the open air at a thoroughbreds' racing stables, and on a dog in a surgery. Both techniques look dangerous to use with not much evidence of protection for people. A cat with a mouse trap on its tail. A horse being knocked out for a dental extraction with the aid of a chloroform bag over its nose.
Super heroic shot of vet, partially silhouetted by bright sun filling a syringe from a flask in a field. He bends to inject a sheep held by a woman. Close up of boy ringing external school bell. Agricultural High School. Boys wearing shorts walk out of front entrance and across grass. They are schoolboys and carry books. Receiving training. Boy helps catch a sheep which he hands over to a man who checks sheep. Man demonstrates trimming a sheep's foot as boys look on intently.
In veterinary classroom, teacher wearing a teacher's gown and using a pointer points out parts of horse's physiognomy on a picture. He turns to point at other diagram of what could be a horse's heart. Track back into class. Track along faces of male students. Boy raises arm and speaks. Teacher's pointer points at back legs of horse in diagram of horse's skeleton. Camera moves in on boy in classroom. Dissolve into horses running in a field. Car arriving at horse breeding centre called Alton Lodge. Vet gets out of car. Two men hold a foal for vet who approaches with a tube. Vet feeds tube down mouth of a thoroughbred. Tube has a funnel attached and fourth man pours liquid into funnel. Vet holds funnel up in air. Foal and mare walk off through stable yard. Men restraining a foal by holding tail closely. Horses grazing in field.
Massey Agricultural College where vets work on knee of older horse. A portable x-ray machine. Other man wearing leather apron puts plate behind knee as a 'picture' is taken of it. Man leads horse off. Vets wear white coats.
In a shed, three rows of seating with men on seats. The New Zealand Veterinary Services Council holding a refresher course for vets. Man in white coat stands with sheep. Vets in day clothes sit watching intently. Outdoors, men gather round wooden sided pen with a cow in it. Man demonstrates an injection on a cow. Sydney Harbour and ship. Sydney University, Australia, external shot, two students entering building. Wallacville Animal Research Station of the Department of Agriculture. A car, a shooting brake driving up to this 1930's building. Indoors a female vet removes a guinea pig from a cage and a male vet injects it. Male scientist looks through microscope. He examines a slide and writes up notes in a book.
From side of a boat the breaking wash of the bows of the ship seen over the side. Pan up to see balding gent in bows looking ahead to a couple of islands. Wellington's Harbour, New Zealand. Soone's Island. The Government Quarantine Station. Small boat docks. In wheelhouse, man in white shirt and braces spins wheel. Man with briefcase jumps onto a jetty, puts bag down and turns to pick up a rope. Two men walk along a narrow jetty. Inspection of a short horned bull. It is having the fat in its neck measured. Vet checks callipers and notes down result. Sorres Island was an internment camp during the war. Bull being walked in a field. SPCA clinic in wellington City. Man enters building. A white husky-like dog being treated by male and female vets. It is placed under an X-ray machine. Three year old girl enters vet's surgery and hands vet her black cat. Cat has a mouse trap attached to its tail. Vet releases cat's tail and hands cat back to girl. She cuddles it. Girl turns and walks off with cat in her arms.
X-ray danger. Man leaving the Farmers Veterinary Club. He walks next door and enters gate of garden of bungalow. Man walks in garden. He walks and holds hand of three year old whilst six year old rides tricycle alongside. They walk towards car. Small van driving on road past a couple of bungalows. In a field a young man holds a horse. Other man approaches and fits a type of nosebag on horse. First man removes large bottle of medicine from his pocket and hands it to second man. Man pours chloroform onto sponge and puts it into nosebag actually called a chloroform bag. The horse falls over. Horse held down by man and woman. Vet approaches and looks into horse's mouth. He will perform some equine dentistry. Horse helped up. Woman slaps horse. Man impatiently watches as van pulls up at his house in countryside. Two men walk briskly in fields and through gate. They approach cow which is lying down. It has milk fever. Man strokes head of prostrate cow. Cow injected. Vet watches liquid in bottle bubble. Cow walks off. Inoculation of calf. Vet and farmer holding calf as boy anxiously looks on. Hawera veterinary group office. Van arrives. In office, girl answers phone. She puts on headphones. Vet receives call via radio telephone attached to sides of truck. At end of call he pulls aerial down. He leaves roadside and drives through a variety of empty countryside.
Vet washing at back of truck. A cow is helped to calf. Vet blows into calf's mouth to start it breathing? Sterilisation of equipment. Mother cow gets up and walks off watched by four men.
Car arrives at bungalow office. Dispensary. Man enters and talks to veterinary dispensing man in white coat. In office, man in white coat lifts counter flap, walks through and lowers flap again. He fills prescription in ledger, and walks out again. He holds door for man and sees him off at door. Man gets in car. Light aircraft. Men stand by fire lit to show direction of wind. Farmer holds sheep dog on his saddle on horseback. Flying vet lands and operates on dog on trailer of car. Vet in white coat plasters dog's front leg. Two men walk back to propeller aircraft belonging to Nelson Aero Club. Plane takes off. Farmer in short trousers. Dogs run around. Bandaged dog falls over. He gets up and runs off happily, playing with other dog. Sheep. Two men at abattoir check a sheep. Sheep walk up ramp into abattoir. Sheep dog running over backs of sheep. In abattoir, carcasses being cut and cleaned as they hang from hooks. Certified meat examiner examines lamb carcass. Cattle in field walk around. Farmer rides horse. He goes through gate after cows and closes gate behind him without dismounting.

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