Film: 8142

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Smith Industries around the world.
Opens with computer animated sequence with synthesiser soundtrack and portentous Patrick Allen commentary. (music is later more traditional easy listening / lounge style)
Avionics. Medical division - new products for surgery. Ambulance races through London streets and over Westminster Bridge. Change from carriage clocks and clockwork timers to new digital clocks. Glamorous housewife sets her heating controls.
Vehicle instruments. New digital 'solid state' speedometers and gauges. Mini computer in petrol station to measure fuel. Good point of view shots from vehicles including London at night. Jilly Cooper type woman drives a white Range Rover. South Africa. Street scenes.
Australia - Aerial shot of Jumbo jet flying over Sydney Harbour bridge.
Marine radar. New digital instruments for boats and ships.
Early microchips. Close up. Woman with very 1980s haircut works at a computer. Primitive green / black computer generated imagery. Hand holds two computer chips or connectors.
Aviation. Various aircraft in flight and taking off.

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