Film: 8144

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Jugoslavia in the 1960's

Map of Europe showing Yugoslavia's location and capital Belgrade, which lies on the 45th parallel along with Bordeaux and Turin. map of Yugoslavia showing the six constituent republics and their capitals.
Caption: In the Slovenian Alps. camera pans across the peaks of the Julian Alps. A shoreline view of Lake Bled follows with the old church visible opposite, on the small island in the middle of the lake.
A tree falls to the ground as a man watches. A group of woodcutters cut and saw the felled timbers.
Caption: In the limestone regions of the West. Camera pans across the limestone scenery of Western Slovenia, near the Adriatic. Next it's underground into the Postojna Caves, with their array of stalactites and stalagmites. Various examples of the above follow.
Caption: In Dalmatia. A view of the rugged rocky coastline of Dalmatia with its abundant pine forests. A man rows his small boat against the backdrop of an old Dalmatian town and barren rocky hills rising steeply behind the town. Camera pans down map of Yugoslavia to indicate Dalmatia's location. Still of the walled old town, part of Dubrovnik. Camera pans across the rooftops of the old town, with the small island of Lapad visible in the background. A close up of the old well or fountain is followed by a view of the main street (Stradun ?) in the old town. A small boy walks down the steep stone steps of a narrow Dubrovnik street. A woman sits in the doorway of another characteristic street, as someone walks past her, climbing the many steps.
Caption: In Macedonia. Two men, one on horseback, lead a pack of horses in the hilly countryside. A shepherd marshalls his sheep to the hillside. Camera looks down from the rocky hills onto the plains below. Peasants bend over picking rice in the paddy fields. Men hang out tobacco to dry outside their houses. On the lake side ( possibly Lake Ohrid ) men push their boats out from the shore and start rowing.
Caption: Bosnia and Vojvodina. In the wooded mountains of Bosnia, looking down into the river valley. Two men busily cutting felled trees with axes. Another man cuts the branch of a tree with his axe. Logs slide down into fast flowing water channel. a man on a raft negotiates the fast flowing river Drina. In calmer water two men steer their large raft with its small load of logs down river. Overhead view of river Drina (?) showing how it winds between steep mountains.
Camera pans across a wooded and marsh-like part of Vojvodina. A stag deer walks through the deep grass. By the riverbank a fisherman pulls his net out of the water. Close up of man emptying his net of fish into a larger one. A horse pulls a cart laden with hay across the flat landscape of Vojvodina. In the wheat fields a combine harvester drives past while in the background people gather bales of wheat. Close up of tractor pulling combine harvester. man and woman pick up bales of wheat. A group of peasant women pick small peppers.
Caption: two cities, Belgrade in Serbia and Skopje in Macedonia. Map of Yugoslavia with arrows showing main points of entry and the location of Belgrade and Skopje.
The camera pans across the skyline of Belgrade next to the River Danube. Cars make their way up and down a Belgrade street. People, some in traditional peasant dress, walk down the cobbled streets of old Skopje.
Caption - traditional agriculture and modernisation. Women pick grapes in a vineyard. Close up of a young woman picking grapes and smiling at the camera. In the wheat fields, peasant women bend over as they scythe away. They gather up the wheat and tie it into bundles. In a maize field peasant women pick corn cobs. At a horse fair a man parades a horse in front of a large crowd of men, most of whom are wearing traditional headgear, in this case the subara. The man with the horse goes over to someone in the crowd, still holding on to his horse and shakes hands. In the fields, two horses pull a plough, while a man walks behind. A line of horses pulling ploughs held by men walks by. A tractor ploughs up a field. Another tractor with three people on board slowly drives into a maize field. back view of a man with a mule or donkey walking under a large sign (In Macedonian - some kind of agricultural Institute centre) and up the entrance road to the building ahead. man with pipe in mouth and holding a notebook discusses matters with a man holding piece of cotton, whilst behind women bend over picking in the cotton field. The man with the pipe walks over into the cotton field, crouches down and puts his measuring rule up against a cotton plant. A female colleague, standing by him, also crouches down. Close up of a woman picking the cotton plant with only feet and hands being visible. a young woman loads some cotton onto balance scales. Close up of two men grading the cotton samples. Another cotton field with peasant women picking cotton. A group of workers put the finishing touches to an irrigation canal.
Caption: Les Grands Travaux (Large or Major Works) and Modern Industry. Peasant women standing in a line pound the earth worth blocks of wood or stone which are either attached or held by two sticks either side.
A locomotive pulls out of Zenica station in Bosnia. A train makes its way up a rocky mountain. The dam at Jablanica is nearing completion. Details of oil wells and the refinery follow. A large crane drops its load of earth into a large skip. Men load the furnaces with coal. Inside a tractor factory, men go about their work. A conveyor belt brings up large logs to the timber yard. Inside a saw sets to work on some wood. Women throw up planks of wood to their colleagues on top of the stack of planks. In a plastic processing plant a man sets about making sheets of plastic, emptying the contents of a bucket into a roller. Scene in a laboratory where technicians examine the samples of plastic. Man and woman in white overcoats discuss their work.
Caption: The largest port in Yugoslavia - Rijeka. Shots of Rijeka shipyard follow: a large ship in dry dock covered in scaffolding; close up of men working on the hull of the ship; a man with machine pushes rivets into ship; another man is busy soldering.
A Norwegian ship sits in port. Another foreign ship is being loaded with planks of wood. A large box container is lowered down into the hull where ship workers manoeuvre it into position. A tram car is carefully lowered from the ship with a man standing on top of the car directing the lowering proceedings.
Caption: The diverse religions and people. Orthodox church still. Woman in headscarf walks past, behind her stands a minaret. Camera pans down from top of Catholic church tower to entrance below.
Close up of old man with beard and turban. Another old man with beard and turban smoking his pipe. Peasant woman in village sitting outdoors and gathering cotton fibres together. Close up of man working with some kind of drill in a factory or workshop. Women work away on their sewing machines in a clothing factory. Three men roll a barrel along the face of a yet to be completed dam. On a construction site, a worker bangs a nail into wood; a man fixes wire onto hooks sticking out from a wall.
Men and women sit about cutting and sawing a fallen tree in the forest. A woman steers a raft on the river. End caption.

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