Film: 8146

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Shows production of cotton cloth from raw cotton to finished goods.

Opening shot of vast factory - cotton weaving looms. Next, looms are seen at work. Cotton production is a living (?) industry in France. Map shows sources of cotton: USA, Egypt, Brazil and China. We see outside of large factory then map of France showing sites of industry in France - Rouen, Tourcoing, Roanne, Mulhouse etc. Next, shots of new cotton beside finished cloth - sheets etc.
Interior of large warehouse - bales of new cotton. We see several processes - machines open out the cotton and beat it flat then make it into rolls. Next carding machines - close up of machinery. Cotton emerges as a thick rope. View of machines in which " rope " is reduced in thickness, eventually to thread.
Shots of woman working at machine - hundreds of bobbins. Thread passing through a "glue" to strengthen it.
Next we see again the weaving room with hundreds of looms at work. Close ups of machines.
More scenes of very long weaving sheds and large buildings.

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