Film: 8147

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Corporate video for Barclays Bank staff showing how common accidents can occur in office environment and how they can be avoided.

Opening shot of office or unattended post office counter (it's Barclays Bank). Pine desk at front. Glass windows behind. Desks and scales in offices through windows. Judith Hann enters from the left of the frame. Close up on Judith talking about the possibility (unlikely as it may seem) of accidents occurring in an office. Cut to montage of stills from industrial locations. Steelworks, heavy machinery, coalmine, men in hard hats on building site, man in scaffolding. Cut back to Judith. Cut to shot of the offices behind the glass windows. Three workstations each with a wooden case for files, books and papers. Two have scales and each has a franking machine (?) under a dustcover. Slow pan up concrete steps. Inside a second office. Desks. File trays and typewriters. Zoom to a large metal filing cabinet. Cut to a sink and worktop with milk, cups and kettle and Fairy Liquid. Zoom into iron door of safe. Cut back to earnest-looking Judith. Montage of accidents happening in innocuous-looking workplace - man traps fingers in a drawer., man trips on some loose linoleum, man bangs his head on open drawer of filing cabinet, spark flies out from electric socket in kitchen, box of files falls on man's head, filing cabinet falls over, man leans back on his chair and falls backwards. Woman trips on a door frame. Freeze frame on her fall and title "Take Care" over the image. Cut to a wall clock reading 8.51. man and woman enter office behind Judith. Women hang their coats up in cloakroom. Judith scares them away. She holds up a copy of the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act. Judith sits on a desk next to rex Smith, the Health and Safety Officer for Northampton Borough Council. He has a very nice brown suit, brylcreemed hair and a small moustache. Close up on Rex as he speaks about the employees' responsibility to the Act, as well as that of the employer. He talks about inspections and his powers. Close up on Judith. She picks up a screwdriver and plug and starts re-wiring. Close up of her hands. Woman picks up a machine (franking machine?) and unclips the side panel. She wafts a screwdriver around the cogs and levers. Man in suit changes a lightbulb but he's standing on a ricketty stepladder!! Judith indicates a nearby broken office chair. Ginger man vacates a chair that he knows to be faulty. Second man answers his phone and sits in the damaged chair. Man reaches behind him to attract the attention of a nearby man. Chair collapses and man falls over. Freeze frame on injured man clutching his head. Wipe cut to yet another ginger man poking at an electric heater with a screwdriver. He plugs the heater in. He touches the heater and is electrocuted. Woman in green tunic uses comptometer. People mill about behind her. Judith enters. Close up on wobbly chair leg. Close up of Judith's foot stepping over a trailing cable, around a wastepaper bin and around a handbag. Judith pulls a drawer out of a filing cabinet and throws it to the ground, scattering the contents. Judith pulls a full drawer out of a larger cabinet and the whole thing tips forward. Two women stand near a filing cabinet - one looks in the bottom drawer and the second stands over her with a folder. First woman stands up and second woman improbably tries to walk through the open drawer and falls over. Cut to office with two comptometer operators. Judith sits on their desk. One operator bends across her machine and traps her hair in the moving barrel. She screams. Judith is handed a plastic cup of tea from an unseen figure off camera. She puts the full cup on top of an electrically operated machine. Cut to feet in 1970's shoes and boots walking around office. Cut to typist pulling a piece of paper out of the typewriter. She pushes the typewriter forward, alas too vigorously, and it falls onto the feet of a nearby man. Cut to Judith rearranging a typewriter on a desk. Judith plays with a swivel chair but warns that "Chairs with castors can cause disasters". Cut to an office with a lino floor. Woman sits down on her swivel chair but it shoots out from beneath her and she knocks herself out on the desk. It's a disaster all right. Cut to woman standing on swivel chair to change a lightbulb. She falls off onto her face. Nasty. Judith pushes a wooden trolley through an office. She slides the mobile cabinet into place and bolts it in. Man serving customer through glass window. Woman pushes trolley along behind him. He traps his fingers in an open drawer and howls in pain. Judith stands in front of a closed door. Bald man in suit opens the door onto her. Woman carries tray of tea through a door. Door is opened by next person, spilling tea and knocking the woman over. Woman carries lots of boxes up concrete stairs. She slips on some loose paper and falls on her face. Man walks up concrete stairs. Woman knocks him down from above. Judith sits on stairs. Man in strongroom heaps bags of coins on a mobile till. he manoeuvres it down a ramp and it tips forward. Wooden trolley being casually loaded by suited man (he puts stacks of coins on). He wheels it past some stairs and chafes his hand, drawing blood. Trolley going past stairs, second man walks into it. Judith opens strongroom door. Judith sits on a table next to Mike Green (black suit, NHS spectacles). He talks about why the bank has commissioned this film. Man loading trolley in strongroom. He stoops to pick up money bags from floor. Freeze frame and big white cross appears over him. Man leans over typewriter - white cross appears. Woman picks up typewriter. Cross appears. Man bends on his stool to pick up money bag. White cross. Judith demonstrates bending your knees. Cut to electric bar heater setting fire to a jacket which has been casually left slung over a nearby chair. Female typist throws some paper in her waste basket, then throws her cigarette in without checking that it's properly extinguished. Close up of bin and contents on fire. Judith extinguishes it. Judith points to a chart on the wall showing how fires start. Close up on double adaptor plug with burn marks on it. Close up on frayed wire. Judith introduces Fred Roper (big quiff, blue suit) - fire officer. They stand next to two fire extinguishers - black one containing Carbon dioxide and red the traditional type for use on paper fires. Close up of wall clock reading 5.18. Two women ask seated boss if they can go. They leave. Ginger boss unplugs typewriter and switches off office light. Cut to repeat shots of various accidents already seen.

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