Film: 8150

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W + Colour


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Story of Coalville in North west Leicestershire - a coal mining town. The virtual no unemployment, confidence, technological opportunity for the teenagers - optimism (misplaced) for future of coal towns. Dance hall - teenagers jive (not particularly enthusiastically it must be said) to rock and roll group on a stage called The Outlaws. Old man, a miner, leaves house for work. Cotton mill workers, women. Nice shots of cotton milling machinery, spinning thread. Double decker bus. Market. New development for town. Little girl waits to cross busy road.
Very good shots of shopping. Women at outdoor market or outdoor stalls. An open air fishmonger, a greengrocer. Demolition of old buildings and houses. Surveying on a Costain building development. New shopping centre under construction. Signs for Midland Bank, Fine Fare, Dorothy Perkins, Dolland and Aitchison, Elmo, Singer, Boots, Granada Rental, Crown Wallpaper, Burton Tailors, Macfisheries, Home and Colonial. Film cuts to colour and we see the finished shopping centre. A Be-Ro delivery van. An Elmo van delivers. Shopping centre and statue of mother and child in black to simulate coal on which the prosperity of the town was built.

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