Film: 8151

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The film portrays simply and in chronological order some of the uses of IBM's computer equipment in the Laing Group's operations across the world.
Although the IBM equipment and Laing locations are authentic, situations are contrived to provide sequence and continuity; actual construction personnel, are however, featured and commentary dispensed with.
Since the film was first commissioned in 1970, advances have been made in computer equipment and application, and many more building projects complete by Laing other than those shown in the locations and the closing sequences."
Note paper heading suggests 1972 as the year of production. Film gives artistic impressions rather than hard facts; images rather than information.
Sound track of contemporary music with post-production conversations of the briefest nature or private thoughts spoken out loud.
On wasteground two surveyors in hard hats measure out a new site for construction. Surveying equipment in use. Measurements given to computer staff.
In the office. Data manipulation of figures using the following equipment: punched card reader (for data entry), magnetic tape data transfer, punched tape data transfer, golf ball printer output (for figures), line printer output (for site elevations). Brief discussion between staff. Data enquiry using keyboard and printer for input and monitor for output.
Animated graphics illustrate the production process network.
Executives and secretaries using IBM keyboard input devices.
On building site Laing operations manager and foreman discuss next move. Footage of bulldozers, piledrivers and JCBs interspersed with IBM data processing - all to a funky beat!
Transportation of yellow digger (HYMAC 580 excavator) on low loader from Laing depot in Elstree, Hertfordshire to Kings Reach building site in Southwark. Vehicle shown driving along London streets. Aerial shot of vehicle crossing Blackfriars Bridge. Scenes of digger at work interspersed with IBM equipment at work: IBM 2050 processing unit.
Laing construction staff on site (helmets and donkey jackets). Architect (Surveyor?) with foreman look at plans. Form filling. In the office executive studies computer printouts.
Pay packets filled by hand with banknotes. Workers receive packets through hatchway.
Executive in city office studies printout of labour costs. (Floodlit St. Paul's Cathedral visible through window). Executive examines efficiency figures for different gangs on concrete workers. Each gang shown at work.
On site. Tower cranes next to skeleton of new building. Concrete transported to top of building by buckets and pipe. Concrete gushing out of pipe and spread over steel girders. Steel mesh lifted into place by crane. Concrete and construction scenes interspersed with magnetic tape running on an IBM 2415 Magnetic Tape Unit and Control device.
Brick layers at work interspersed with IBM 29 Card Punch at work. Plasters, tilers and welders at work.
Shots of completed Laing structures: tower block, motorway interchange, Cambridge University college next to river, Barbican Centre.
Laing surveyors from start of film shown on same plot of wasteground.

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