Film: 8156

History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A historical reconstruction film showing the world's explorers from the vikings and Marco Polo and the voyages of Vasco da Gama.

View out to sea, waves. Waves on beach. Tree stump. Picture ship at sea in storm. People in water. Picture - port with ships. Picture - two boys in Tudor dress listening to a man. Close up ship in sea. White line drawings of sea monsters. Ship in sea. Yellow, bright sun near ship, ship in mist. Map maker in a room at a table, drawing a map. Old map of flat world. Old drawing of world as a dome with stars and person’s head through dome looking at machines working sky. Drawing dome of world, supported by elephants on a turtle. Close up of statue of Aristotle. Animation of Aristotle's theory - ship moving round. Sun, moon and earth with eclipse. Round world, ships going around the edge, ship falls off. Mediterranean sea, boat drawings son it. Coloured area on land showing civilisation and its spread. Map of Europe, coloured areas of civilisation. Close up of Northern Europe. Vikings rowing in a boat. Close up. Long shot Vikings in boat. Boat in sea. Map showing Viking route to North America. Picture of Vikings on land. 1000AD. Picture of warship in sea and cargo ship in sea. Picture of ship builders sawing wood. Drawing large ship with cannon. Ship in fog. Drawing diary, map, ink and quill pen on table close up. Drawing of ship, close up man using compass and man using an astrolabe. Part and ships painting. 1400AD. Renaissance. Woodcut scholar in study with nautical instruments. Various paintings of men writing and scholars reading. Drawing of a page printed. Woodcut of a print workshop. Close up front cover of book. "The Adventures of Marco Polo" Page opens. Illustration of Polo setting out from dock in small boat. Polo and train of men on horses. Polo and Kubla Khan with cart. Portrait of Polo in a photo frame. Book on table with candle. Map of Europe. Close up Mediterranean. Genoa and Venice, showing trade routes to the Eastern Mediterranean. Painting of Istanbul from Harbour with ships. Real boats in harbour. men trading close up. Camel caravan moving in desert. Market with cloth. Close up jars and bags of spices. painting of a new European town.
Drawing of busy European street Lined with houses. Another painting - European Trade fair circa 16th Century. Close ups of parts of painting. Painting inside a large tavern. Map of Europe showing major ports. Painting of aggressive Turks. Map of Europe, Middle East and Asia, with Turks closing trade routes. Distance view of Portuguese coast and sea. Portrait of Prince Henry of Portugal. Drawing of Prince Henry and scholars, map makers. Three ships sailing out to sea. Drawing of white men and black slaves. Line drawing of Africa with Portuguese routes.. Tomb of Prince Henry 'The Navigator' and statue of Prince Henry. 1487. Painting of ship in a storm. Distance shot Cape of Good Hope. Picture of Vasco da Gama. Diagram on map of da Gama's route around Africa to India. 1498. A harbour with boats and people in India. A ship moving through the sea.

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