Film: 8157

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Antarctic wasteland, penguins, icebreaker ships, Hallet station, operated by New Zealand and U.S.A.

Dramatic shots of mountains, glaciers. More penguins. Several penguin close ups following each other etc. Emperor and adeli ? penguins. Pebble nests in breeding season, mating, flapping wings in courtship. Penguin incubates egg. Scientist examines lichens. Photography for growth rate. different species, mosses. Scientists working, using microscope, pouring liquids etc. American plane takes off (DC3). Logistics centre, research Headquarters building. Helicopters. Seals, basking, walking along ice, seal suckles young, cow nuzzles in snow, seal rises through hole in ice. Mother tries to lure baby into hole. Caterpillar truck, scientist grabs seal's flippers, tagging, milk siphoned from cow. Netting seal, airlifted by helicopter. dropped into pen/ attempting to pour water down young orphan seal's throat, force-feeding with fish. Man drives snowmobile. Scuba diver kits up with the help of another man. Dives into water through hole in floor, doctor above monitors condition via electrodes etc. Dredging-bucket winched from 500 m depth, specimens placed in bucket, fish, squid, crinoids. Scientists examine stones and rock's in the snow. Take weight, humidity etc. Interior of biological laboratory. Fish removed from rotating tank and weighed to assess energy. assimilation. Testing fish blood in osmometer. Cape Royds hut (Shackleton's headquarters. Skua gulls or Skewer gulls. Young penguin struts around with pebble in its mouth. Men stand on frozen lake. Emperor penguins with young.

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