Film: 8158

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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To demonstrate and examine the psychology of killing people in war, although because it is a military made film, if you don't kill, likely as not you will get killed yourself. The work of a sniper.

Short film showing the cat and mouse hunt of a German sniper by a British sergeant. View of sky and trees. Moves down to reveal British soldier lying on stomach behind a bush, moving very slowly; Second World War era. Medium shot of a line of trees, something moves in the darkness, a German soldier walks out from behind the trees, lies down, raises himself slowly into a standing position. View of the British soldier, still lying on stomach behind the bush, he aims a rifle at the German. The German soldier walks out into the open and is shot, he clutches his chest, drops his rifle and falls to the ground. Close-up of the frontal view of the British soldier, he wears a steel helmet covered in foliage as is his rifle. We can see from his uniform that he is a sergeant, there is a voice-over of the soldier thinking and speaking. The German soldier lies on the ground face up with his arms spread out and his rifle by his side. Close-up of the side of the German's head and shoulders, he wears a steel helmet and a camouflaged hooded smock jacket. Close-up of the British soldier cocking his rifle, the voice-over details how long he has been lying in wait for the German - 5 hours, the soldier gets up. British soldiers sit on a battlefield and drink from their canteens, one is crawling forward on his stomach. Close-up of a German soldier in some trees looking up through some binoculars. He takes his rifle and aims it. View through the telescope sight of the gun. We see a British soldier drinking from a canteen, a shot is fired and the British soldier drops his canteen and falls forward clutching his head. Close-up of the British soldier, he is holding the side of his head, however, he is not wounded, we see it is the sergeant from the opening sequence. He reaches out and holds his canteen. Close-up of the canteen, it has a bullet hole in it. The sergeant crawls backward out of shot. Two other British soldiers talk behind cover. A British soldier, probably the sergeant, crawls forward through bushes towards some trees. The German sniper sits in a tree and looks through his binoculars, his rifle lays across the branches in front of him. His 'voice' can be heard in voice-over. View of bushes and trees through binoculars. Close-up of a hand with a lit match smoking the sights of a Lee Enfield, 303 rifle. View of the sergeant hiding in a bush, he has foliage on his helmet and uniform. View of a stone bridge with a river running underneath and a tree alongside of it, there is some movement in the bushes by the river, it is the camouflaged sergeant.

Close-up of one of the arches of the bridge, the river running through it and the river bank. The sergeant wades through the water and comes out through the arena. He holds his rifle by his side. Close-up of the sergeant crawling through the bushes on the riverbank. Close-up of the sniper looking through the binoculars. The sniper sitting in the tree looking out. The British sergeant takes cover behind a tree and removes the camouflage from his helmet, we see that he has covered his face and bare arms with mud, he sits down and prepares his helmet with new camouflage appropriate to the terrain. He places twigs and fern leaves into a band around his helmet. Close-up of the sergeants muddy face as he pus on the helmet and gets up. Close-up from behind. The sergeant as he crawls through the undergrowth towards some trees. The sergeant raises himself up and climbs up a tree. The sergeant is now up high amongst the branches. Close-up of the sergeant sitting in a tree. He looks down, there is a horse below him. He throws something at the horse and it gallops away. View of the German sniper looking through the binoculars, he is still in the tree. View through the binoculars of the horse galloping along. View across the field from group of trees to group of trees. Something shines and flashes in the furthest group of trees. Close-up of the sergeant looking through a telescope at the trees. The sergeant sitting in the tree putting the telescope away, he grabs his rifle and climbs down the tree. View of the ground, grass and bushes, the sergeant drops to the ground and begins to crawl slowly forward. A close-up from the side of the well camouflaged sergeant crawling along. Close-up of some trees and bushes, the sergeant walks along slowly and then crouches down and moves alongside the bushes. Close-up of the sniper's face looking out. He raises the binoculars to look and sees the British sergeant briefly move from one tree to another on the ground. He raises his rifle to fire, we see from the point of view of the rifle as the sergeant runs behind a hedge, the sniper fires. Close-up of the sniper's face. The sergeant moves from bush to bush, running. The sniper drops down from the tree and pursues the sergeant. View from behind the sniper as he moves through the trees and bushes. View of the sergeant moving through the undergrowth. Close-up from the side of him, moving, crawling through the bushes. View of the sniper doing the same. View from behind the sniper as he crawls through the ferns. Close-up of the sniper, slightly raised, looking out through the ferns, he has a camouflaged face and painted helmet. He continues to move through the ferns, he stands upright and walks forward. Close-up from the side of the sergeant first crawling and then walking upright through the ferns. View of dense undergrowth. The sniper continues to walk through the wood. Close-up of the sniper's rifle barrel as he moves forward. Close-up of the sergeant's lower legs and feet as he moves through the wood. The sniper walks toward the camera. Close-up of the sniper's jack booted foot as he treads on a twig that makes a loud crack. Close-up of the side of the sergeants head, he stops walking and looks around, listening. The sniper moves forwards through the wood.

Close-up of the sniper's jack booted feet walking on leaves through the forest, this time he avoids stepping on twigs. Close-up of the sergeant as he moves quickly through the wood. The sergeant moves carefully from tree to tree. Frontal close-up of the sniper's upper body and head as he crawls forwards through the undergrowth. The sergeant takes cover standing behind a tree, he deliberately stamps on a twig. The sniper drops to the ground amongst the ferns. A bird flies from a tree. View from behind the sniper who hides in the ferns looking out into the forest. Close-up of the sergeant behind the tree. Close-up of the sniper raising his rifle and preparing to fire. Close-up of the sergeant's elbow against the tree. Close-up of the sniper arming his weapon. View through gun sight of the tree with the sergeant's elbow sticking out. The gun fires. Bullet hits the tree chipping a piece off. Close-up of the sniper discharging the shell from the rifle. The sergeant runs into the cover of he trees. View from behind the sniper who crawls through the undergrowth. View of the sergeants running through the trees in the distance. Distant view of the sniper among the trees. The sniper disappears into the trees with the sergeant following behind him from tree to tree. Close-up of the sniper looking around from the fern bush. He moves swiftly into the open. The sergeant rushes from behind a bush and runs along the side of other trees and bushes. He emerges into a field and assumes the position behind the bush that we saw in the opening sequence. Close-up of the sergeant lying in wait gun at the ready. The snipers walks slowly through the trees. The sergeant raises his rifle and takes aim. Close-up of the sniper walking forward as he is shot, he clutches his dressed and falls down. Close-up of the sniper's face, his eyes are wide open and blood is trickling from the side of his mouth down across his cheek. The sergeant runs from his cover over to the body of the sniper, he checks for signs of life, takes the sniper's rifle and drags the sniper by the arm along the ground towards the bushes. Close-up of the sergeant dragging the sniper across the field.

Close-up of the sniper's legs and jack booted feet as he is dragged across the field. The sergeant drags the body to a bush and starts to remove the sniper's equipment. Close-up of the sergeant removing the sniper's helmet and binoculars. He removes the sniper's camouflage smock and props the body up against the hedge and places the rifle in the sniper's hand. The sergeant puts the sniper's helmet back on his head. Close-up of the sniper 'sitting' on the ground against the hedge, rifle in hand, his mouth open with dry blood at the side, his eyes also open and gazing into the distance. The sergeant cuts small branches from a bush. He arranges them into a dense formation and takes position lying behind them. Close-up of the sergeant rifle at the ready, his helmet is camouflaged with bits of the bush, reaches out and places a piece of grass in his mouth. Close-up of the sergeant looking out from the bush, he is still chewing the blade of grass. A pair of jack booted legs and feet move across the field. Close-up of the sergeant looking intently out from his hiding place. View from the waist down of two German soldiers walking across the field. Five German soldiers walk across the field. They are wearing ordinary uniforms and helmets, one carries a pistol, one a submachine gun and the other three have rifles. Close-up from behind the Germans as they walk through the field. The leader, probably an officer as he has a pistol, drops down and signals for the others to do so. View from behind the officer's head of the dead sniper leaning against the hedge. The officers gets up and they all move forward towards the hedge. View from the bushes of the Germans walking along in the open. The Germans run across the field past the bushes. View of the sergeant's feet and lower legs, he is wearing canvas shoes with no socks. View of the sergeant lying on his stomach, rifle raised ready to fire. The Germans emerge from around a corner of the hedge. Close-up of the sergeant's face. Close-up from the side of the sergeant's hands, arms and rifle. View from the sights of his rifle as the Germans approach, he fires and hits the German with the machine gun, he then shoots them all systematically. The officer fires back but the others flee and are shot. Close-up of the sergeant as he discharges the shells from his rifle, he is still chewing the blade of grass. View of the dead officer lying by the dead sniper who is still leaning against the hedge. In the sky, planes fly over. Close-up of a discharged shell. Close-up of a dead German. Close-up of another shell. And a close-up of another dead German. Each close-up of a shell is followed by a close-up of a dead soldier. Close-up of the dead sniper propped against the hedge. The sergeant gets up and walks away. Film ends.

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