Film: 8165

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Farmhouse, close up of cock crowing, two dogs and cat. Dog pulls rope which takes blankets of farmer in bed, farmer's son climbs into clothes held up by strings for him to step into. Boy feeds animals by series of levers which operate ropes. First 'Hog Feed. Horse's hay lowered from tree, two goats. Saw the wood, dogs milk cow by pulling strings tied to teats, dog gets splashed, cat licks milk off dog, automatic egg collection on conveyor run by squirrel in wheel, farmer pecked on backside by goose, he wrestles with bear, he is butted by goat, egg conveyor break eggs on his head, he is cross with boy but skunk protects boy, he falls over because of the smell into pond, boy sets off with the animals in wooden train run by dog. They forget the skunk, monkey has a flag, monkey changes the point.

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