Film: 8169

Aviation | 1970 | Silent | Colour


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Flight test of aircraft most likely Rolls Royce RB211 engine on Boeing 747 being flown over Seattle in Washington State, United States of America.

Aluminium engine nacelle, Rolls Royce name and RR logo in black on silver rectangular shaped backing, on side of nacelle. View starboard from aircraft window of two jet engines on wing of aircraft travelling at speed down runway, airfield buildings in background. Aircraft takes off and climbs away from ground. Barren, flat landscape, runway passes below, continued focus on engines focuses in on inboard engine mounting strut upon which are small lengths of fabric flapping in the air stream, testing airflow past engine strut, note rippling of skin panel, timed number sequence appears on right of film, glimpses of land passing below. View from aircraft of leading edge of wing with engines and mounting struts in full view, finished in silver aluminium. High altitude, focus closes in upon cloth strips on engine mounting, pulls back aircraft in steep naked turn, snow-topped mountains below. Engine in-take, nacelle leading edge. Aircraft at low altitude over suburban area, view of the same wing wing leading edge and engines. Leading edge flaps deployed, focus on air flow test strips. Aircraft over ocean. Starboard wing, ocean and coastline below. Flies over large marina and harbour, river estuary, over built-up area, large city, coastline still in view, port facilities on water's edge, large commercial buildings, skyscraper. End of film.

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