Film: 8170

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Man splashes about in tub of water. Buster Keaton and Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle are overpowered by a hose which gushes water. Fatty falls over. Man in tub cannot get out and keeps falling back into tub. Buster and Fatty fall on top of him. Fatty throws Buster out and he slides along and his head hits car which rolls out of garage. Car stopped by man sitting in chair reading book; he rests his foot on it. Buster laughs and points. Fatty is annoyed still. Fatty talks to Buster (out of camera) and eventually pulls up man's arm. He drags the man out of the water. Buster and man run to greet fourth man. Men shake hands. Fatty gets in a car. Fatty pushes 'Turntable switch' and car spins on turntable. Fatty opens top and takes hose to clean car as it spins. Buster desperately tries to stop car-owner getting his car. He and garage-owner (?) dance and perform tricks to entertain customer. Buster dances. Owner stands on his head. Owner jumps over Buster's outstretched foot. Buster kicks owner down. Fatty turns on large fan to dry car (still spinning). Fatty drives car up to where men are standing. They see driver off. Fatty stands at counter to help smart man in top-hat. Man tosses coin on counter. Fatty gives him a coin as change which man puts in his waistcoat pocket. Fatty brings out his car. Man drives off and there is an immediate cloud of smoke. Man in close-up with smoke around him. He climbs out of car and looks at it. Fatty in close-up looks worried. Bits start to fall off car - headlights, wings, roof, door opens. Man scratches his head philosophically. Cut back to car - it has collapsed completely. He re-enters the garage and talks to Fatty. He puts a coin on the counter. Fatty puts coin in his pocket. Fatty sends man off with second car, part of which falls off as man drives away. Suave man has bunch of flowers. He hides them behind the counter and brushes his hands. Fanny, the daughter of the boss, descends a fireman's pole. She waves and runs out of shot. She and her dapper young man hold hands. He leads her out of the garage to his car. She is delighted. Fatty drains oil from car. There is a bang and he falls off his chair. Car backfires again and Fatty gets covered in oil all over his face. Buster is sympathetic and leads Fatty up to camera to clean him. In close-up, Fatty's face becomes blacker and oilier. Beau and Fanny enter garage. He presents flowers but teases her before giving them to her. Fatty crawls around on the ground and puts oily hand on beau's leg. Beau accidentally dips flowers in oil. Beau and Fanny kiss; they both sigh very contentedly. He gives her the flowers, and ecstatically she smells them. She does not notice the oil, but beau does. When she does notice, she touches her face making it oilier. Beau addresses Fatty. Fanny is angry. Beau throws flowers away into pot of oil. Fatty picks them up and shakes them over beau's back. Fatty hits Buster in face with oily flowers. Fanny runs upstairs. Fatty and Buster attempt to clean the beau, but fail. Fanny, in bathroom, wipes her face. Fatty turns hose on beau as Buster pumps water. Fanny washes her face with soap. Fatty prepares to light a cigarette; tries to strike light on seat of his pants, but Buster and beau leap on him and stop him. Fatty has his cigarette removed and thrown on floor by Buster; he is upset. Fatty and Buster stick beau on turntable. They spin him fast. Man descends fireman's pole. In street alleyway, Buster and Fatty chase man with large butterfly nets, but man sets dog on them. Fatty falls over. Buster gets stuck in fence and dog bites his backside. Close-up of his face, in pain. He tries to kick dog away. Beau re-enters garage and hopes to talk to Fanny. She is on the telephone and cold-shoulders him. Dog chews Buster's trousers. Buster stands in a bottomless barrel and walks in front of a poster that says, 'The World's Greatest Entertainer, Sir Harry Lauder' and shows pictures of Lauder in a kilt. Buster falls over, and barrel breaks. Buster stands up in his underpants. Woman is shocked. She attracts policeman by hitting him in chest. Meanwhile, Buster cuts out the tartan kilt and tam o' shanter. Arbuckle walks disconsolately down street. Policeman laughs at Buster in his kilt. Buster does a Highland Fling dance. Woman points when Buster turns around to reveal his underpants again. Buster runs pursued by policeman. Woman faints. Buster evades capture by using Fatty as a shield. Walks behind him, then in front to avoid being spotted. As they walk along, Buster steals some trousers; Fatty picks him up, and Buster puts his trousers on as they walk along. In the garage, beau kisses Fanny. She is still angry and runs away. She locks the door. He tries it. In close-up, she shakes her head. Beau prepares to slide down metal pole, but Buster is climbing up. Fatty enters room and hauls Buster up last bit. The beau hides under the bed. The men tie ropes to the backs of their nightshirts as they go to bed. Beau stretches and pulls rope. The fire-bell rings. Buster and Fatty get up, and their nightshirts come off. They dive down the pole and end up in a heap at the bottom. Buster grabs two firemen's hats. Both pull a hand-pulled cart. Beau gets out from under bed, but again dives over bed and back under when Fanny's father enters and slides down the pole. Fatty and Buster pull the fire-cart along a track. Father padlocks doors. Buster and Fatty talk and don't notice where they are going. They crash into a telegraph pole and both somersault. They argue about which way they have to go, realise they are wearing policemen's hats and return to the garage. They throw father out of the way, hang the policemen's hats on their hooks and put on firemen's hats. They run back. Father padlocks doors and runs after them. The beau is locked in and has a blow-torch; he tries to cut his way through doors. Door starts to burn. He burns his finger and throws torch away. It lands under car. Explosion. Beau falls down. Fire! Beau is frightened. The fire is fierce, lots of smoke. Beau shins up the pole. Fatty and Buster cannot see the fire, and peer around. Father catches up with them and tell them his garage is on fire. Beau knocks on door of bathroom. Fanny is in the bath. She looks worried. Fatty attaches hose to hydrant whilst Buster and father pull fire-cart over railroad tracks. Lots of people are around the smoking garage. Buster and father prepare to use the hose and call to Fatty to turn the water on. Fatty turns on the hydrant but there is a leak in it and a jet of water comes up in the middle of the street. Very little water comes out of the hose. Fatty stands on the jet of water, then sits on the hose. A train runs over the hose and creates two more punctures. Beau appears at upstairs window. People get a blanket for him to jump into. He takes a run at the window. Meanwhile Fanny appears at next window and people move with the blanket. Beau jumps and lands on ground. He is dizzy, but gets up. Fanny jumps and the trampoline effect of the blanket bounces her onto the telephone wires above. Close-up of wrist-watch at twelve o' clock. At noon the village takes a siesta and all walk off. Fatty and Buster climb a telegraph pole. Fatty slides along the wires and then rolls. He lowers Fanny down to ground over Buster. Father takes Fanny.

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