Film: 8172

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Autism. USA
Two autistic boys play in kitchen. Boy plays with flour, glares into camera, bangs fingers on table. Other boy draws on chalkboard. First boy (Martin) throws stick around, second boy (Peter) twists handle of pencil sharpener. Peter led into speech booth by psychiatrist. Teaches Martin to touch his ear by feeding him candy as reward. clapping, teaching sounds, etc., Teaching sounds using punishment shutter put down, Martin has to repeat sound before shutter raised again, Martin kisses therapist. Peter being taught from book by tutor. Counting, etc. Peter in speech booth imitating therapists movements, gets to watch cartoon as reward, child touches camera. Peter repeats the word 'go', gets a spin in chair as reward, attempts to speak, therapist shows photos to Petter. Back in playroom, therapist gives drink of water to Peter, unlocks door, takes Peter to bathroom. Psychiatrist discusses with Peter's family. Peter is brought to sit at table. Peter is shown photographs, drinks glass of water, parents communicate with Peter, he lays numbers on board, takes pencils from father's pocket. Peter kisses his parents. Martin sits on floor, both boys with therapist.

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