Film: 8175

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Silent | Colour


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Official Opening Of Twickenham Open Air Baths 4th May 1935. Amateur home movie.

View of diving board and pool with colourful umbrella along the side and crowds of people watching, there is a house in the background. "Councillor Ure-Whyte". "The Mayor Councillor Thomas H. Smith J.P. F.R.I.B.A.". The mayor at a microphone. Unusual building of brick arches but with flags and bunting draped along the top and crowds below. The mayor speaks at the microphone at the top arches surrounded by the Union Jacks. "Other speakers". Man in ceremonial dress speaks at the same microphone. View of pool and surrounding buildings. Platform and steps visible in the background. Another man speaks at the microphone, followed by a further speaker. "The Mayor starts the aerators". Mayor reads from script at the microphone. Close up of fountain not yet working. Water begins to flow from the top of the fountain. Female swimmers wearing coloured caps rush to their towels. View of outdoor thermometer which registers air and water temperatures. Manufacturer's name Rototherm is visible. Close up of thermometer, top scale for air temperature is 62, bottom scale for water is 58. "Display by C.W. Gammon, Bath Superintendent". Mr Gammon walks along the poolside and removes his robe and shoes. He dives into the pool and swims breaststroke. Standing with arms at his sides, he jumps into the pool and raises his legs above water, propelling himself under water. He has one leg straight and keeps the other raised while on his back, eventually sinking until only his foot is visible. He carries out a number of routines in the pool. Man speaking at the microphone. "Men's Scratch Race". Six men swim one length. Each is seen finishing. Swimmer at poolside consults with official. "Diving Display by Miss K. Larsen". Miss Larsen carries out several dives from the board, crowd applauds. "Ladies' Scratch Race". Swimmers begin race. Low angle shots of swimmers approaching. Each is shown finishing. "Nice Figures by Polytechnic Ladies S.C.". Five ladies in swimming outfits walk along the poolside, each has her hands on the shoulders of the one in front. They dive in. They perform synchronized patterns. "Ladies' Medley Race". Relay race has a close finish. "Stanley Bell, English Breast-Stroke Champion". Mr Bell, on top of the building, speaks at the microphone and appears to demonstrate with his arms. He dives into the pool and swims two lengths. He walks through crowd at poolside in his costume. "Boys' Scratch Race". Boys begin race. Men and women dressed smartly sit at tables at the other end of the pool. Boys finish race. "John C.P. Besford, European Backstroke Champion". Mr Besford dives and swims backstroke, without using his arms for a time. Close up of Mr Besford swimming past. "Centymca S.C. demonstrate the Royal Life-Saving Society's Life Line". Six swimmers walk along the poolside, the front two carrying the life line. They stand facing the crowd at poolside. The life line is demonstrated by one member in the pool using it as support to hold another, while one pulls the attached rope from the poolside. The life line is used to 'rescue' more members at a time. The mayor stands and talks to another man in a morning suit wearing a chain. "Exhibition Swims". Two lady swimmers perform various strokes separately. "Miss Edith Baker Ladies Swimming Champion of Messrs. J. Lyons & Co. Ltd. demonstrates the new BUTTERFLY BREAST STROKE". Miss Baker swims several lengths. "Whitton Schools demonstrate Life saving drill". Two girls stand in front of seated onlookers and go through various movements. In the water they 'rescue' each other. Man wearing shirt and tie with a jumper that reads ATTENDANT. "E.H. Temme, the only man to swim the English Channel in both directions". Mr Temme, in swimming cap and track suit, speaks at the microphone. He dives into the water in front of sitting observers. He swims several strokes and lengths. He climbs out of the water as the spectators clap. "Water Polo - Plaistow United S.C. versus Cornhill S.C.". A man on the poolside throws a ball into the water and the game begins. The teams are identified by black or white caps. Various official guests on top of the building decorated with flags. A clock is visible on the wall, reading five past five. The mayor and his wife, behind a man carrying a mace. Close up of medals in boxes. The mayor talks to the man in the morning suit. "DUFAYCOLOR FILM THE END". The title's words are in green and red.

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