Film: 8177

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Documentary with sync and non sync sound. Sales manager talks to group of men. He stands in front of a board, sometimes he sits on the edge of his desk.
Other managers and supervisors talk to different groups of men, on factory floor, in boardroom meeting (man stands up and speaks hesitantly), to transport drivers. Two men enter building called "Training Department". Training manager explains communicating with a group, sits on table edge and talks to men sitting on chairs. Asks question of sales manager who finds it easier to speak one-to-one. Teacher writes on board with marker pen: "Individual", "Audience", "Group". Man at table asked question. Tries to get out of answering, but has to try. Men debate how to go about "Preparation". Man with beard shakes his head and says he believes There is a different way to prepare for a talk. "Why" written on board and circled. Why are you giving the presentation, to whom, and what is to be said. How to say it. Different personalities round table, one man says just say it, other says some people don't respond to that approach. "Well the bloody well should!" "Telling is not selling". Get to know as much about people as possible. Work out in advance what group will need to know. How to say it: "Logical sequence" written on board. "Interesting", think and present talk from group's point of view. Drawing of spiral staircase. Man smiles. Picture worth a thousand words. Visual aids: Men try test on setting material alight, flame proof material. Visual aids can be things you can touch, taste or smell. Man pass materials and match boxes back. Writes "involvement". If people are not involved, you won't know if people are interested. "Obtain Feedback". Teacher slides whiteboard to side. Teacher sums up talk. Mentions different characters, man who knows it all, see him in close up. Man who is a follow the leader character, close up. Man who tries to opt out. Some people want to know and are prepared to contribute. See shots of four men - they smile.

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