Film: 8178

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


A 1960's careers film about finding work in catering and tourism, in hotels and restaurants. Features two incredibly 'square' teenagers.

Plaque on wall "British Hotels & Restaurants Association Member". Panoramic shot of red bricked school, rugby pitch in foreground. Two girls walking across playground of recently contemporary, built secondary modern school. Modern built school. Rugby pitch in foreground. Group of students, boys & girls pouring out of door, all wearing some kind of uniform, onto playground. Modern school, soundtrack saying all schools have in common are large amounts of school leavers who need jobs, with responsibility, security, good prospects and interesting duties. Park Lane hotel, possibly Dorchester, buses and cars driving up Park Lane, London Country club style hotel, mock-Tudor, large lawns, rose beds, man relaxing on lounger. Seaside hotel, named The Royal, in regency building, along street with Regency houses, people walking along esplanade. Close-up of large Victorian hotel, gothic balconetts on windows. Large brick hotel, flag flying on flagpole on roof-voice over explaining that there are many different hotels who are eager for people of both sexes from each and every type of school. Elderly woman, blue coat and small hat leaves smart hotel and gets into car, the door of which is being held by hotel doorman in livery, whom she tips- voice over states that hotels want keen, hard working and ambitious people. Grosvenor Hotel entrance on Park Lane. Large white London hotel, voice over saying problem of bringing school leavers and hotels together. Classroom, sums on blackboard, students at desks, man in suit at front talking to them, voice over saying this is one way, a lecturer giving them information on career prospects in UK hotels and restaurants. Close-up of man standing in front of blackboard. School children sitting at desks in uniform, listening as commentary says hotel jobs offer individuality, personality, teaching how to handle responsibility and give training for promotion. Lecturers face against blackboard. Class seen from lecturers perspective-voice over says the lecturer asks if anyone would like to investigate for themselves- girl in front with white headband, turns to boy behind her. Close up of girl turning, boy behind seems enthusiastic about idea and they both turn to face forwards. Class with teacher at front facing camera.

Large grey or white hotel ,early 20th century, John & Jane, the two interested students, walk towards the door, commentary says manager is expecting them. John & Jane walk gazing up at hotel, Jane smiling broadly, John looking impressed/contemplative/awed?. Close-up of wall of windows of hotel. John & Jane walk towards hotel. Break in continuity as John and Jane walk down drive and through hotel entrance. Receptionist with short brown 1960's urchin hairdo speaking on telephone in plummy tones, she is talking to telephone and being very polite, scribbling down on a notepad- she is a bad actress, very wooden-she then asks John and Jane if she can help them. John who is rather spotty or slimy junior Tory style character introduces himself and Jane to receptionist and tells her someone is expecting them. Receptionist, in wooden style says manager asked to be informed as soon as they arrived. Jane and John standing against curtain background. Receptionist rings through to manager to tell him that the young lady and gentleman are here. Jane smiles in vacant way. Receptionist replaces phone and says manager will be down shortly. Jane thanks her and asks how the receptionist became a receptionist and how much training it took, thinks receptionist is a fascinating job. Receptionist replies flatly that she took the 12 month book keeping and receptionist course at the local college. John asks which subjects she had to cover. Receptionist in posh but bored or emotionless manner says that you need shorthand, typing, elementary accountancy, must be able to use a tabulator and using a switchboard , but main job is to present cheerful and welcoming countenance to all the guests and be as helpful as possible on all occasions-promises its never dull. Manager walks out of lift in lobby, lift has marble surround. He thanks receptionist, while Jane & John look on Mr King asks if they've come to see how a hotel works. John obsequiously introduces himself, unnatural light in his eyes. Jane's face close-up, beaming smile, strange faraway look in eyes. Mr King-seemingly dynamic figure-says if keen and not afraid of hard work there will be plenty of people to help them get on- he asks which department they want to see first. John in a toadying way says the kitchens, Jane agrees. Jane says she'd love to look behind the scenes of where all his gorgeous meals are prepared. Mr. King says they all want the same thing whether they want to be chef or not, takes them off. As manager moves receptionist shown telling person on phone there is no room. Kitchen, young hand puts plate of food on large table, chefs busy in background, cooking, slicing all wearing white hats and white aprons-manager walks in with Jane and John and shows them head chef.

Head chef portly man with glasses pouring wine into saucepan, grudges acknowledgement to manager while other cooks pound food behind him, one not wearing a hat! Manager explains sternly that it takes 4 years apprenticeship learning everything in the kitchen as well as special college training. John looks concerned and Jane looks on vacantly. Manager explains that his head chef grew up before college training and although believing it to be a good thing, the kitchen is the place to learn to be a head chef. Chef shown tasting a spoonful of food in a sweaty or boozy manner. Manager explains this is where college theory becomes commercial practise. Cook shown cutting meat. Patissier shown icing cake. Brown birthday cake with icing piped on. Pan of sauce on hob. Head chef takes spoonful and nods. Manager says chef is of the old school. Chef shown mildly remonstrating, wooden spoon in hand with a young cook who just looks mildly amused, probably meant to look inspired. Manager still says college training is essential- John asks if anyone can begin here and work their way up, no matter which school they've been to. Manager says that is true, but top chef must have a good understanding of maths to be able to cost meals. Dining room, maitre d' in black tie welcomes party, diners in background. Waiter brings stainless steel jug to woman seated with two men. Men shown eating their food, some kind of salad, manager explains on voice over that this is where the food is eaten and paid, each member of staff having part to play. Shows Mary, youngest waitress, manager explains she came straight from secondary modern, who carries dish of vegetables and cutlery , and Philip, a waiter, folding napkins- both of which said to be apprenticed under the scheme of the British Hotels and restaurants Association. Food being served on plate as manager says that while they are working, they are allowed a day a week at college, to advance themselves. Waitress stands and looks, explained as Angela, a station waitress, looking after a group of tables. Angela close up looking around her. Waiter shown pouring coffee to table of three, as manager explains that hotels wish to employ intelligent staff as service is very important. Man in black is shown putting bottle of wine is wicker basket and napkin, explained as wine waiter. Wicker basket being picked up by waiter.

Close-up of wine, a bottle of claret. Waiter carries wine. Waiter shows bearded man the wine, his party eating typically sixties starters, of melon and avocado mousse. Bearded man puts on glasses to look at bottle and nods before putting glasses in pocket, manager explains waiter would train for 3 years. Waiter goes back to station and opens bottle of wine. Close-up of badge on waiter, shows him to be a member of the guild of Sommeliers, meaning he served 3 years as an assistant wine waiter before attaining his current position. Waiter carefully unscrews wine. Close up of his face. Waiter pushing trolley shows steaks to bearded man and his wife. Bearded man and wife look at meat and waiter. Close-up of steaks, voice of manager explains they ordered their food before going into the restaurant. Waiter prepares to cook the two steak Dianes at the table, puts butter in a pan and melts it over gas stove. Waiter shown cooking butter. Bearded man and wife point at pan. Waiter nods and smiled, large spot on forehead. Steaks put in pan. Bearded man and wife chat-soundtrack of manager sounding slightly patronising by presuming the students do not know what Steak Diane is. Waiter adds pepper. Waiter shown chatting. Soundtrack managers voice says head waiter can get a job anywhere, waiter shown adding wine to pan which flames up, wine waiter brings bottle of wine to table, guests look at blazing pan. Jane, John and Manager standing against dining room wall, Jane exclaims that the jobs require a lot of training. John answers that its worth it in the end, in a smug manner. Manager tells them he's going to show them someone who's just starting hotel work. Introduced to Joey, the page boy, looks about 12, in uniform, looking around him. Head porter in reception, puts phone down and summons Joey to take a message/post on a silver salver, manager's voice says he gets pay, uniform and meals on duty, also says job is perfect starting point for job in hotel industry, must be smart, brisk and alert. Manager, arms folded looking masterful, John looking like a young Tory, concerned expression on face, Jane just trying to look pretty. Head porter, horn rimmed glasses poss. False teeth shows lady in smart dress map, voice of manager speaking that it is his job to be a mine of information. Porter on telephone, crossed keys on his lapel. Close up of crossed keys "clef d'or" manager says he can speak 6 languages. Porter on phone. Porter puts phone down and hands book to man waiting at bar- manager on soundtrack says that he started as a page boy like Joey. John turns to Jane, while manager stands arms crossed, John says there's a lot more in these jobs than they thought. Jane says you definitely live and learn. Manager firmly says that living and learning sums up hotel work. Mentions cocktail waiter, a job which John could graduate to later on . Waiter in red jacket polishing glasses behind bar- has quite a smug expression as he tells manager that bar is closed. Manager (bizarre collection of plastic tourist dolls in cabinet behind him) asks cocktail waiter to explain his job to John and Jane. Cocktail waiter, in odd voice, sounds as though he's been drinking, says he started as page boy and then moved up, becoming assistant at bar before getting job when main guy left. John asks him what job. Cocktail waiter says old manager went on to be a wine waiter, says you can branch off into whatever section you fancy. Manager, Jane & John shown sitting on stools round bar, mock leather padding round bar, barman says there is always the opportunity and encouragement to have a go - extremely cheesy manner and bad acting.

Manager asks if Jane has a question. Jane asks earnestly if jobs in cocktail bars can be given to girls. Manager says of course girls are allowed to work in bars, Bartender William calls Anne in through the stockroom- a smiley blonde with bouffant hair, explained as assistant manager, if bar manager leaves she will take over, unless she gets married in the meantime, at which everyone laughs- She says she enjoys her job and William adds its good money. Jane asks what other jobs are available for female staff. Manager in long stilted wooden speech eventually takes them to look at rooms. Bedroom, two single beds, one in process of being made by two chambermaids in white aprons, black uniforms and white frilly caps. Jane, John and manager enter room, John pulls a shocked expression, while manager asks the maids not to stop. Maid turns smiling, away back to job. Manager turns to face Jane & John. Face full to camera, says the room maids aim to be assistant housekeepers and housekeepers, jobs he says which are in demand. Jane in studied tomes, asks if you can work your way from room maid to housekeeper. He agrees and says training also helps, they've just introduced a course for housekeepers in hotels. Room maids showing hanging up clothes and tidying, John- looks as though really listening, although it’s a job for women. Jane listens far away expression as manager explains duties of housekeeper. Maids shown plumping up cushions on chairs. Jane asks if any qualifications are required.

Manager says wants a better educated girl with flair for décor, keenness and enthusiasm, have to be 18, as can't be a room maid before. John looks at him, mouth open. Manager asks John if he has question - jokes its not about being a housekeeper! John smiles in sickly way and asks what managers job entails. Manager suggests they go to his office. Jane is shown out of door first, with John following then manager. John and Jane sit at Manager's desk, garish flowers in background, small transistor radio on desk. Jane supposes manager is mostly concerned with guests. Manager replies his job is like iceberg where 7/8th are below the surface. Jane smiles vacantly as manager explains job. Manager at desk talking-says job includes arranging menus with chef, organising functions and banquets also responsible for financial stability of hotel. John asks in cheesy way if manager is in control of staff personnel. He replies that ultimately yes. Jane asks if he knows how to do everyone's job. Manager at desk says that the staff know the standards he wants. John exclaims it must tie him down 7 days a week. Manager says oh no he's off playing golf in an hour. John asks about other staff and their recreation. Manager says they have their spare time, cheesily says that William and receptionist are keen swimmers. William jumping into pool. Miss Blake sits by pool watching as William beckons her and splashes. She puts arms up and moves up. She jumps in pool where they splash each other. Poster for 10 pin bowling. Joey walks out of 10 pin bowling still looking 12, wearing sports jacket and tie. Football kicked in game, Goalkeeper picks up ball and throws it. Ball being played as manager says hotel runs it own soccer team which plays other hotels. Manager in golf jumper looking concentrated. He putts and misses. Older members of staff not expected to be in soccer team, everyone laughs cheesily. Jane asks if they run their own cars. Manager says of course, don't you? John asks about wages. Manager explains there's a minimum wage, which no one stays on for long.

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