Film: 8185

Farming + Rural Life | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Partially animated film produced by Alfa-Laval to sell their milking machines. The angle is that the farmer is able to achieve greater profits by adopting bacteria free farming practices. Film begins with animation. Children washing hands, eating fruit. Moves on to child drinking milk and discusses bacteria (particularly in relation to milk). Shot of a dirty cow in a filthy shed. Cow being shaved and milked by hand. The milking machine and its component parts. The correct way to milk by machine, teats cleaned and dried, first milk checked, teat cups attached to teats. Shot of cow chewing. Massaging cow's udder and machine removed. The milking equipment described with use of a diagram. Cleaning the milk machine in sinks using soapy water. Milk being cooled in immersion cooler in white tiled room.

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