Film: 8187

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Interviews with Scottish teenagers discussing their problems. Some great late 1970s fashions and décor.

This episode concentrates on the personal feelings of teenagers after leaving school. Colourful rides at a fairground. Very good hand held and point of view shots of rides. Dodgems. Silly mirrors. Two girls play pinball. Voice over of various school children giving details of what they would like to do in later life. A central core of six late adolescents are interviewed about their present jobs and aspirations for the future. One girl describes her experiences working in a factory as it turns out for J & B Whisky. Brief footage of the production line on which she works. A young man discusses his regret at choosing the wrong subject at University and what he would have liked to do. Shots of him on stage playing guitar in a rock band. A young woman talks about her experience of university. Two young men talk about their experiences of school. Two heavily made up girls talk about their desire for a modelling career and the view of career advisors and teachers. Young man talks about life at Edinburgh University with brief shots of the buildings surrounding the library. A young mechanic talks about his plans for marriage. Young pregnant woman talks about her plans with her husband and her desire to get a house in Leith. Close up on her cat. Young woman discusses her strict father. General discussion of the value of marriage. Discussion on how to cope with flatmates. Ambitions of each of our characters are voiced. A young man discusses the benefits of being eighteen, on his benefits. 18th birthday party. Birthday cake with candles brought in in the dark.

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