Film: 8188

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Office management with haughty woman supervisor passing on her techniques to a younger woman 1970's Handling personalties, what to do when an employee is always late, when you are promoted above your friends.

Camera moves through a busy open plan office (point of view of the woman speaking). People greet her as she passes. People busy themselves at desks, big piles of paper and telephones - "this is the customer records section, I worked here once". Focus on an the supervisor's desk with an empty chair that used to belong to her but she has now been promoted to manager. Fran, wearing a beige suit, gets out of a car parked in an otherwise empty car park, she likes to be the first to get to work. She walks up the stairs and enters the office and finds the new supervisor, Leslie, already at the desk. She is a bubbly character with short red hair. They sit and talk about how to handle the position. Fran gives Leslie a piece of paper full of acronyms which make up golden rules of office management. They go through each one in turn and Fran gives her advice. People start to arrive and are introduced to Leslie. First day, Leslie sits at her desk with the office workers around a large desk together. They complain slightly about the new way of doing things
Leslie goes to see Fran for coffee in her private office. A woman brings them coffee while Fran dispenses more pearls of wisdom. She talks about each of the personalities in the office and how to handle them. Scenes of her talking to them differently and giving them different levels of responsibility. There is one man on the team and a young Asian girl who we see on the phone. We see her dealing with lateness from a stroppy team member and jealously of her position from a friend. They sum up what she has learnt. Intertitle showing the golden rules. Leslie returns to work. Fran sits back in her chair with a smug grin and addresses the camera - "She'll be alright that Leslie Potter".


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