Film: 8197

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Ramsgate Hospital. Kent. Education film for parents to be.
Couple with baby on grass by river. Narration says she is pregnant, although the implication is that she might by unsure of how she got there !. Going to hospital clinic. At reception. Women drink tea. Narration, these frightening old wives' tales might be true ! Woman sees sister, who asks questions. Diet stressed. Vitamin supplements. 12 weeks. woman doctor examines. Urine tested. Blood pressure, breasts examined. Narration . Intercourse with husband okay except First and last weeks. Diagrams of birth. Antenatal classes. Milk from breasts. Lots of drawing on woman's stomach. Heartbeat monitored. Woman shown maternity ward. Babies feeding. Machine to help milk and excessive milk to milk bank. Pain killers explained. Gas and air. Pregnant women at home. Looking at baby's things. ambulance arrives. Contractions as knitting. Child birth, woman on her side. Delivery of after birth. Baby bathed. Nurse opens doors of maternity ward and fathers stream in all holding flowers. Father kisses wife and nurse then brings baby over for them to see.

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