Film: 8198

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Sex Education
Children swim and play at a public swimming baths. Two children go down a slide. A group of families sit in the sun on terraces near the pool. A child is picked up by its father who sits down next to the mother. Good shot of the mother in her swimming costume looking down at the child. Father holds child in lap. Young girl tries to help young boy up onto diving board. She succeeds. Children playing on slide again. Four teenagers, two adolescent girls and two boys play 'catch' outside the pool house. Teenage girl pushes boy into pool. She stands and laughs at him. A man and a woman in their trunks stand and smile. The same couple wipe the baby's face. Silhouette shapes of male and female body. Arrows illustrate changes due to the pituitary gland. Cross section of testicles. Microphotography of sperm swimming. Path of sperm to penis. Development of ovaries. Detailed diagrams and explanation of how egg grows within ovaries. Animated diagram shows egg entering fallopian tubes. Close up diagram of sperm fertilising egg including actuality, microphotography of egg and sperm cell division from one fertilised cell. The egg moves down the tubes to the womb where the lining is prepared to receive the fertilised egg. Explanation of how the egg attaches itself to the womb lining. Position of developing child in the context of the uterus and fallopian tubes. What happens to a woman's breasts when she is pregnant? Diagram of how milk flows. Shot of mother breast feeding her very young baby. Explanation of monthly periods. Explanation of how twins are conceived, born. Shot of twin boys playing with Meccano. A twin boy and girl play in the garden (fraternal twins). Explanation of identical twins. Twin boys (identical) get themselves a drink of water from a tap. Shot of triplets - two boys and a girl - the two boys kiss the girl standing in the middle. Quadruplets (four girls) are standing around their mother who gives them something to drink. Quintuplets looking puzzled at a press conference (two boys and three girls).

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