Film: 8200

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Footage of clouds moving in a blue sky. A passenger aircraft (BOAC) comes in to land on a runway. Close up of lorry tyres, then a motorway as if shot from the driver's cab. Passenger carriages on a British Rail train. Traffic moves along busy streets, including black London taxi cabs. Further aeroplanes taxi along a runway. A woman wearing a head scarf cycles a bike. Close ups of pedestrians on busy, crowded London shopping streets. Pedestrians cross the roads at pelican crossings. The voice over talks of man as a mammal. Simple animation of various types of mammal.
Shot of a beaver's dam stretching across a river and a beaver with her young. A young bear is with one of its parents who yawns. Shots of seals lying on rocks near the edge of the sea. A brown bear suckles her young cubs. A seal pup feeds from its mother. Long shot of large group of seals at the water's edge. Crude animation as the voice over explains the properties of mammalian milk, and its make up of fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc...
Close up of young baby as it is breast fed. A gaggle of geese flutter down to land. A pair of horses trot in a field. Close up of a brown chicken or hen. A donkey walks towards camera. A group of pedigree or rare breed sheep are in a field. Various shots of domestic cattle - including what looks like Jersey calves. They graze, then they are milked by machine. Close up of hands as the machine is attached to the cow's udders. Milk pours into the vats, and glass bottles are filled. The milk goes through various processes such as pasteurisation, and is packaged in various ways - cartons, bottles. Nice shots of factory production lines and conveyors.
Shots of mothers with babies. One prepares a bottle of milk formula for her child. She checks the temperature of the milk on her wrist before giving it to the baby. An animation explains the differences between human and cow's milk, and the need to create a milk substitute whose constituents match those of human milk as closely as possible. Close up of "Similac" - manufactured milk substitute - in various packagings. Close ups of smiling babies. One baby lays on its front on the floor, wearing a yellow baby grow. Close up of a baby crying. Toddlers play - rolling around on the grass, and in the home with a yellow plastic bus and a white telephone. One child sits amongst a pile of books. An animation explains the importance of iron in the diet, and we are shown a tin of powdered "Similac with Iron".
Babies are fed Similac by bottle. A mother puts her baby to sleep in a cot. The child sucks its thumb and falls asleep.

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