Film: 821

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Russian Bear Circus Moscow State circus 1940's

Shot of audience smiling. A bear wearing a muzzle and harness does a "handstand" on two piles of bricks. Urged by the trainer, the bear kicks the bricks away one by one. Long shot of bear on raised platform - still on front paws. Bear walks around arena on front paws - ringmaster follows. Audience applauds. Large bear walks on back legs with small bear balanced on his shoulders. Small bear falls off. Bears roll across floor.

Animal balancing act - two bears in costumes are harnessed on what looks like a large set of scales. The scales are swung around a central pivot. A third bear balances on the middle pivot and pedals, which makes the apparatus move. High shot of swinging bears. Bears in skirts and harnesses roller skate around the ring. Bear rides a bicycle around the ring - it looks like he is strapped on to it. Many bears cycle round ring. Bear rides motorbike around ring. Second bear rides pillion.

Bear dressed as peasant woman waltzes with trainer in enclosure surrounded by metal bars. Female lion snarls at trainer. Trainer hits it round the face with a cloth. Bear walks along behind trainer. Bear leads trainer away from lion. Lion jumps from one platform to the other, over the trainer's head. Bears in sailor suits with chains around their necks and ankles climb ropes. Sailor bear climbs up bar of enclosure. Costumed bears all hold on to a metal hoop which is suspended from the ceiling. The trainer spins it round very fast and raises it higher from the ground. End.

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