Film: 8229

Art + Architecture | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Art and artist in Britain, a child paints to learn, The London School of Arts and crafts, the national gallery / National Portrait Gallery. Paintings for sale on fences at Hyde Park, London. The Six Bells Inn or public house in Chelsea where painters exhibit their work. Soho, Leoni's Quo Vadis restaurant. Exterior and two ladies dining within. Adams art dealers shopfront , its snowing. Indoors man looks at paintings. Hand writes a cheque. More shots of commercial gallery exteriors. Artist called Cooper painting a commission of the Queen. Two female art students in their digs, they have to live off £4 a week. One sells her painting to a dealer to pay the rent.
Koln or Cologne, Germany. Artists in Germany. Examples of woman artist's work. Studio 15 café and gallery. Peculiar picture auction in the smoky café involving music and dancing.
Paris, France. Arty bohemian types at outdoor café. Stalls along the Seine. Montmartre with artists at work in the street.
Artist In Rome. Purpose built studio block. A goose and a cat have a fight.
Japan, General views. Traditional art.
Back to Paris. Galerie Gibelin exhibits Maximus Leo. Man in ridiculous Jesus type costume is shown around the gallery. Typical artist's studio.
Class at London art school. Students paint naked women. Various artists painting nudes - seems like a cheap excuse to put some nudity in the film. Artist paints 'The End' on a canvas.

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