Film: 8230

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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"Svengali" - 1931 film featuring John Barrymore. Co-starring Marian Marsh. Marvellous sets enhance the scene wherein Svengali wills the young girl Trilby to become a singer as she sleeps in a distant house across the rooftops. The tragic 'song scene' is included as well, which shows a weakening Svengali and a likewise deteriorating young prima donna.
(A producer's wife at a Hollywood party, finding John Barrymore relieving himself in a corner of the ladies' room. "Mr. Barrymore, this is for the ladies!" J.B. turned around without buttoning up, "So, madam, is this!")
Quotes in brackets added to film's description with gratitude to the late Leslie Halliwell.

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