Film: 8232

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Harry Langdon (?) comedy
Woman puts on hat and looks through drawers and finds air raid equipment. Tries to close suitcase and gets squirted with perfume. Langdon pulleys up bucket of sand which pours down on him. Wife finds girlie pictures under the carpet. Bucket drops on his head. He climb on roof with sack of sand. It trips off warning device. He throws a brick at it, it rebounds and knocks him over. He hoses it down. He looks down hose for water flow. It soaks him. He gets hooked on ladder. He cuts it with chopper. He crashes down ladder. Soldier arrives with fiancee who will stay the night. Fiancee is very vampy, femme fatale. Soldier relates how he rescued Langdon from drowning. They 'swim' across bedroom floor. Langdon slides under bed. Fiancee takes his pillow. He puts his head on pin cushion. She takes his blanket. He steps on pin cushion and on her bottom she lands head first in linen bag. He blocks door with furniture, she pushes them down on bed. He puts dustbin on her head. She shoots at him with gun. He falls down chimney. Woman phones. She slams down phone and it breaks. Man with eye patch stares through window. Fiancee takes blood as donor from Langdon.

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