Film: 8233

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Teenager Sexuality, Sex education and Birth Control in Canada / North America. Teenagers talk about it.

A couple fold a towel on the beach. A boy, long hair and jeans says it is the girl's responsibility, "She should go and buy whatever she needs " A teenage couple walk arm in arm. Another teenage couple talk. A girl says some people get pregnant the first time so people take a year and half, some people never" Teenagers play beach volleyball. California kids at the beach. A black girl says she wants to feel natural and free and she won't if she's on the pill, she will feel guilty. Another couple in love. One girl is determined not to get pregnant. Couple hand in hand on the beach. Girls lie on the beach listening to the radio. Girl says we are not supposed to ask questions. Montage of sex industries, strip clubs, porn stands, "Topless"
Really good 70's night fever type disco. Flashing lights and good dancing couples twirl, good long sequence up until the titles.
Dramatisation - A white girl Cathy chats to a black girl who is doing her hair in the mirror. Did you see that girl come in tonight she's pregnant ! I heard it from her best friend, she must have fooled around a lot ! Anyway it can't happen the first time, yes it can….oops. But I just know I can't get pregnant.
Real girl says she just doesn't believe in contraception, the other kids try to talk her out of the idea.
Dramatised girl and boy argue about getting contraception. She says she doesn't want to do it, he says don't you love me !
Real boy talks about how you have to rope-plan everything and its difficult. Girl says going into a drug store is embarrassing to ask for condoms. Boy says it is really hard to buy condoms.
Dramatised scene of two boys outside the drug store, one can't go in we see him outside, he has bought other stuff instead. Cathy and black friend discuss the situation, tell me no until the birth control is sorted, if he loves you he will wait, ciome to the clinic with me, "but I'm not pregnant" you're supposed to go before you get pregnant.
Real boy talks about how hard it is to ask for condoms.
Dramatised birth control clinic. Woman talks about the different methods. She talks about the pill, condoms, foam applications. Girls talk about their experiences. The woman at the clinic talks about relationships. Cathy talks to her boyfriend "I could have got pregnant" she wants her boyfriend to be with her when she goes to the clinic. He says just go on the pill. He doesn't want to break, but she says they have to talk about serious things and somethings got to change.
Real teens say if its only based on sex then who cares. Accepting responsibility.

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