Film: 8236

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Army officer shooting with cameras and D W Griffith filming in the trenches of World War One. Army Film Unit. Newsreel camera men at war. War correspondent. Shots from inside tanks and aircraft. 1915 General Alexander in the trenches. Lady projectionist.
Close up of camera lens in the background. First scene close up of tank, soldiers run across, tank drives towards camera. Explosion, tank, soldiers run, commentator starts to speak, introduces cameramen. Close up of camera. An officer places film in a camera. A group of cameramen by a shelter. Tank. First ever war shot. Subtitles appear.
The Hour
Spitting flame and smoke, a "Tank" crunches its way over the shell holes of "No-Man's Land". Close-ups of cameraman's uniform and the badge stitched to the shoulder. British War Correspondent. Close up of film can, lid is removed. War correspondents at a meeting. Land war - soldiers running across the battlefield, see explosion. Camera pans across buildings where British soldiers take cover. See ship. Close-up of cameraman. Close-ups of soldiers and a sign in German. War correspondent sorts out his equipment - is one of the first war correspondents. See him at the front line. Close up of other war correspondents. Correspondent in uniform on a train, leaving the station. He waves goodbye. Soldiers on vessel. Soldiers in a group pose for the cameraman. Close up of clapper board that belongs to a cameraman (date 6-4-43) Close ups of various other slates. Close-up of a General. Film of tank drivers point of view, explosions. Tank driving along whilst bombs explode. Precautions that cameramen take to ensure good pictures. One cameraman covers his camera with an electric blanket. It is positioned on an aircraft. See cameramen in plane, filming pictures. Bird's eye view of vessel. Bombs explode in the sea. Tank drives across. See a tank on the street. Tank in battlefield. Cameraman keeps film running despite vehicle which he is in crashing - see driver's point of view. Close-up of sky at night. House falls to pieces as it is bombed. An explosion takes place on a street. Red Devils, Paratroops British Army - see them jump out of aircraft - commentator explains that the cameramen follow the paratroops. Paratroops land in the sea, close up of cameraman - the camera is strapped to his belt. Correspondent begins to film. Soldiers board an aeroplane, see crossfire of ships. Close up of a member of the navy - possibly captain. Close up of correspondent. It is stated that he was taken prisoner of war in 1940. He kept film that he had taken just before he was captures. This is shown, land war. He stands by a vehicle. Close up of a wrecked car, which was bombed. See soldiers marching across the battlefield (possibly Italian soldiers). See explosions of land. Close up of correspondent working. Explosion at sea. A cameraman sits on top of a van's rooftop whilst taking pictures, land explosions, army vehicles drive past bombings. See driver's point of view of bombings. 1940 - London. Buildings are on fire, close up of cameraman. Firemen walk past the cameraman. See army officer who cannot face the camera. (Nazis in West Africa). See Navy at work. Close up of another cameraman with a modern mechanical camera (does not have to turn the handle.) Irish Guards dig trenches. Close up of civilians waving at the camera. Many are making peace signs with their fingers. See film at a laboratory and loaded onto a projector in a projection booth at the cinema. Music. The end.

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