Film: 8243

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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The Wandering Jew a film in which a Jew cursed to live through the ages dies in the Inquisition.

Opening scene is a street in Seville, Spain, Europe during the sixteenth century. Two girls with long dark hair in pigtails sit against the wall of an arch talking and sewing. A soldier walks down the street. Behind the girls, under the arch are two hooded and cloaked inquisitors. A woman in rich clothing and a small feathered hat walks past the two girls who turn to look at her. Two men, one of whom has a small beard walk towards the woman who stops and curtseys as they bow to her and also to another woman who comes into view just behind the first woman. This second woman also curtseys. The four stop and talk. A thin man in long robes carrying a book under his arm and having a pointed beard walks past them and round the corner. He is a doctor called Matathias. The two inquisitors turn and confer before watching the doctor. The doctor walks on.

Inside a house with high ceilings and ornate curving pillars a young woman called Olalla Quintala, a prostitute sits in a high backed chair with her foot resting on a stool. The doctor moves away from her carrying a metal bowl which he puts on a table whilst speaking to her. Olalla replies. The docotr turns back to face her and speaks. She speaks again. Matathias replies and walks towards her. He bends and lifts her foot from the stool setting it on the floor. He then moves the stool out of the way. He then helps the woman out of the chair and suport her in trying to walk. It would appear the Olalla is lame. Close up of them speaking.

The two inquisitors walk towards a pair of wrought iron gates which are opened for them. In the background is a large jewelled crucifix. The two enter and the gates are closed behind them. Inside the gates a man in a hood sits at a desk writing with a quill pen with his back to the gates. There are two large and ornate candlesticks on the table. The two inquisitors walk towards the table. One stays behind the seated man and the other walks round the table to take a seat opposite him. In the background is a procession of men. Soldiers also march past in the background. The inquisitor who is sitting speaks. The man with the quill continues writing but also replies. The standing inquisitor speaks. Quill man stops writing and speaks further. The three continue their discussion as to whether Matathias is a heretic. The man still standing speaks and then lowers his hood. Quill man speaks again and returns to his writing. The seated inquisitor rises and bows to the other man who is now writing. The two inquisitors then leave.

The two inquisitors are interviewing Olalla. She looks angry. She speaks to them and they reply. The two men look at each other when she has finished speaking. Olalla then stands.

Olalla leans against the wall of a house next to the gates. She gives the appearance of not wanting to be seen or noticed. In the background are the two inquisitors who appear to have followed her. The gates are opened by a servant who looks confused at her demand but lets her in.

Inside Matathias' house the servant shows Olalla in to a room. She limps across the romm to him. He looks concerned. They speak of the inquisitors and their visit to her. The two of them walk to the window and look out. Across the street is a balcony on which a group of young women stand. They are laughing and talking with another group of women on the street. Leaning against the wall are the two inquisitors. Olalla turns to Matathias in fear. They speak and she sinks to her knees. They continue to talk. They fall silent as she declares her love to him and he also sinks to his knees looking dumbfounded and holds her head to his chest. Matathias looks startled and rises suddenly. He walks to the door and speaks to his servant. He then returns to Olalla who has now risen. She clings to him and they speak passionately. They hold each other. The servant then enters followed by the two inquisitors who speak. Olalla speaks to them and then to the doctor. The first inquisitor walks across the romm until he is opposite the door. He then summons soldiers. The four soldiers are carrying pikes. Two remain by the door and the other two stand behind the inquisitor. The inquisitor speaks and Matathias and Olalla are escorted from the room by two of the soldiers and the other inquisitor. The first inquisitor orders the remaining soldiers to search the house.

Two differnet inquisitors - one fat and one short are talking as they walk past the crucifix. They are accompanied by a soldier. The fat inquisitor bows as he passes the crucifix. As they walk they are joined by a richly dressed man who has been sitting by the side of the crucifix. The two inquisitors and the richly dressed man walk up the stairs talking about the doctor and how to get him to confess he is a heretic.

A soldier walks to a gateway which is guarded by another soldier. The guard gestures to a third soldier who is positioned further up the corridor. The third soldier getures and a man with a black eye mask comes into view escorting Olalla who is now wearing a coarse robe with a rope girdle. She is brought in tothe large room with the crucifix which appears to be used as a court room. On a raised platform sit a panel of inquisitors and the richly dressed man. She is brought down the stairs and in to the centre of the room where there is a chair. She leans against it and bows when addressed. The fat inquisitor sits in the centre of the panel in a throne like chair. He is probabaly the Grand Inquisitor. He speaks to Olalla who replies. The richly dressed man laughs at her reply. VIew of whole room. In the foreground are two men sitting at a table with quill and paper recording the hearing. View of Grand Inquisitor. Matathias is brought in accompanied by soldiers. He looks round the room. The panel of inquisitors watch him. The doctor bows his head to them. The Grand Inquisitor and the richly dressed man confer. The richly dressed man addresses the doctor. The doctor replies. This man then charges Matathias with heresy. Matathias responds. The Grand Inquisitor begins to question Matathias. The doctor shrugs and answers. The inquisitor continues speaking. The doctor admits to being a Jew and the panel look both shocked and satisfied. Matathias speaks. The Grand inquisitor and richly dressed man speak to each other. The richly dressed man turnd to the man standng behind him and then to the grand inquisitor. An inquisitor opens the door and gestures. A guard comes through the doorway followed by Olalla. Matathias looks at her. The inquisitor speaks to her. She clasps her hands to her breasts in anguish. View of pane and of Grand inquisitor speaking. He sentences the woman to death and she grabs her hair in terror. Matathias looks sad. Olalla truns to him, arms outstretched, pleading. The Jew still looks sad. The woman, distraught answers the inquisitor. The richy dressed man speaks and Olalla answers. This questioning and answering continues. Olalla looks at Matathias who is now seated. The richly dressed man also asks a question. The woman looks fearful but replies. She turns and speaks to Matathias and speaks to him. He responds and she speaks to him again, more imploringly this time. The docotr looks at her but does not answer. She looks at him. View of the panel - the inquisitor speaks to the doctor. He remains silent looking at Olalla. Olalla looks at him. As they continue looking at each other the Jew slowly rises from the chair. he then turns and speaks to the inquisitors. As a result of his speech the Olalla falls to the floor in a swoon. The panel look pleased and the more junior inquisitor speaks. Matathias answers. View of entire room. At the top of the stairs Olalla stands with her hands over her face. View of panel. Doctor speaking. View of panel. Matathias turns and addresses the panel again. He gestures to the crucifix looking tortured and pained. He has his eyes closed and looks as though he might weep. He moves back to speak with the panel once more. The two inquisitors confer and the fat one speaks. Matathias replies. They continue to speak and then picture ends.

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