Film: 8256

Music | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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John Huntley explains how the music is recorded for the feature film 'Hobson's Choice'. Malcolm Arnold and his orchestra play along with the film in the television studio.
The conductor and the orchestra are infront of a large screen with microphones. Closer views of individual musicians and the various instruments. Conductor turning the music score.
John Huntley gives an explanation of what is happening. Part of the film is shown here with shoes and boots on display at the shop and the background noise is heard.
John Huntley.
Strings playing an eerie music, harp, brass, piano, glockenspiel, and other instruments all creating different atmospheres to go with the film. Malcolm Arnold directs as the the different tunes are joined together in the orchestra to make a continuous piece. Close ups of individuals taking part. The Conductor asks them to do it once more.
John Huntley explains the technology involved in playing the music with the film for recording. Composers score.
The warning bell rings and Malcolm Arnold stands infront of the orchestra. The magnetic film for recording. Screen countdown.
The film runs as the orchestra starts up. Extracts of the film, and shots of the musicians.
Malcolm Arnold asking his orchestra to do it again.
John Huntley.
Magnetic film on reel. Orchestra and the screen countdown in background. A film extract. Orchestra and film. Malcolm Arnold thanks the orchestra and turns to leave.
Film running on full screen with sound… 19th Century Bootmakers Shop…

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